NEW YEAR SALE! The longer your subscription, the greater your profit!

20 december 2022 NEWS
Starting on December 21, you will get an attractive discount if you buy any subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months. The offer ends on December 31, 23:59 (UTC +3).
  • The price is per month.
  • The discounts are applied automatically during the promotion.
If you already have an Octo Browser subscription, you can extend or upgrade your current subscription to qualify for the promotion discount. Simply go to the Octo Browser client and choose the subscription that works best for you. If several discounts are applicable, only the largest one is applied.
If you don’t have a subscription yet, but would like to give the best multi-accounting browser a try, go to to sign up, download the browser, and choose your discounted subscription. If you are a new client and need the Custom subscription, please contact us at our support bot on Telegram. Your discount will be applied to the final subscription price.

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