The Best Proxy for Facebook in 2024

The Best Proxy for Facebook in 2023
Victoria Mitchell
SEO specialist, Octo Browser
More than 3 billion people use Facebook every month, and 2 billion of them visit the platform every day. Both regular people and companies create accounts; the latter do so to attract new clients. However, they usually need multiple profiles to achieve this, yet this is forbidden by the platform rules. Proxy servers help bypass such restrictions: below you will find our guide covering 7 most feature-rich and secure proxy providers.
The Octo Browser Team has compiled the following proxy providers list based on independent reviews and according to the proxy providers’ own specifications. Proxy providers are solely responsible for the quality of their proxy connection.
Proxies are servers that play the role of the middleman between a user’s gadget and a webpage. They process all the user’s traffic and substitute their IP address with their own; as a result, online resources see a different, external IP address. This helps bypass regional restrictions and avoid bans for multi-accounting.

Proxies are commonly divided into residential and datacenter ones. The first kind are real people’s devices whose IP addresses a provider rents. Web platforms seldom block users of residential proxies, as these addresses belong to real people. Datacenter proxies are located — you guessed it — in data centers. This makes them faster, but profiles and accounts created using them are blocked more often. If you would like to learn more about different proxy types, we have an article just for you!

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Top Proxies for Facebook


Asocks proxy provider website
Asocks is a proxy service providing residential and mobile proxies with automatic rotation. Its geolocation covers more than 150 countries in Asia, Europe, CIS, Africa, South and North Americas; moreover, you can pinpoint your desired location up to a state or province, city, or ASN. They offer more than 7 million IP addresses and one of the most competitive prices on the market: $3 per Gb. Asocks has its own proxy infrastructure with clean addresses that will solve ban problems for you. You can get free traffic to test their proxies when registering. With Asocks you pay as you go for the amount of traffic that you use; the price is always $3 per 1 Gb.


Smartproxy proxy provider website
Smartproxy offers different proxy types: residential, static, and mobile, with 65 million addresses in 130 regions with these numbers constantly growing. The technical support is available 24/7 and responds quickly. Additionally, you get a free SSL for extra data transfer encryption. You can fine-tune your settings, scale ad campaigns and collect data using API; there is a login-password list generator for your convenience.

However, you cannot select specific cities, and fine-tuning can sometimes be challenging for beginners.

Here you also pay as you go according to the traffic amount you use: 1 Gb of a residential address costs $8,5; 2 Gbs of a static IP cost $14. If you purchase a subscription for 5 or 10 Gbs, it will cost you less per Gb of traffic.


SOAX proxy provider website
Soax has more than 150 million addresses corresponding to 100+ locations. They offer dynamic and static residential and mobile proxies. You can select the necessary country, city, and mobile provider, or you can shuffle addresses if needed. The bandwidth is unlimited, and Soax regularly deletes unreliable IP addresses for their clients’ security.

You pay for the traffic you use. 15 Gbs will cost you $99, and you pay less per Gb when you buy larger data bundles.

Bright Data

Bright Data proxy provider website
Bright Data offers mobile, dynamic and static residential, and datacenter proxies with more than 72 million addresses from 195 countries. They are the record holders when it comes to the volume of mobile IPs: Bright Data offers more than 7 million. You can select the necessary country, city, and the ASN.

Bright Data supports integration with third-party tools using API or its web interface, which can help you save time on routine tasks. Data usage reports also help with automation. You can route your traffic using several proxies at the same time for additional protection.

The only downside of Bright Data is its pricing. Residential proxies start at $7,35 per Gb, and mobile proxies start at $16,2 per Gb.


Oxylabs proxy provider website
Oxylabs supports HTTPS and SOCKS protocols and is ideal for social media. They offer more than 100 million addresses from 130 countries, and these numbers are growing. You can select the necessary county and city. You can easily manage sessions and rotate IP addresses, and the provider offers a 7-day trial period and highly competent technical support. You can choose a fixed-rate subscription ranging from $99 to $600, or pay $10 per 1 Gb as you go.

High Proxies

High Proxies proxy provider website
High Proxies specializes in systematic solutions. They offer proxies specifically designed for Facebook, in addition to mobile, private and shared proxies. High Proxies offers IP addresses from 11 countries, which is considerably lower than their competition, yet their clients receive an additional VPN for extra protection.

High Proxies subscription rates start at $0.57 per 1 shared proxy per month. The price for social media-oriented proxies is higher, $2.34 per month. If the clients are not satisfied, the provider has a money-back policy.


MyPrivateProxy proxy provider website
MyPrivateProxy offers shared and private proxies geolocated in Europe and the USA. Their proxies have been specifically tested to ensure reliable operation while working with Facebook, which makes them more secure compared to their competitors. The encrypted view function offers even more protection.

MyPrivateProxy pricing depends on the number of proxy servers, starting at $2.49 per 1 proxy per month. You will have 3 days of the trial period, and if you are not satisfied, the provider will give your money back.

What Is a Facebook Proxy?

What Is a Facebook Proxy?
Specialists employed in promotions on Facebook manage multiple accounts. However, the platform tracks accounts accessed from the same IP address, and can easily ban them. It can be very challenging to unblock such accounts after they have been banned.

Benefits of Using a Facebook Proxy

Proxies provide online anonymity and security. A proxy server acts as a shield placed between websites and your device. In order to get to the latter, hackers will need to somehow deal with the shield first, and a reliable proxy won’t let that happen, so scammers won’t be able to steal your private data or breach your local network.

Another advantage that a proxy offers is anonymity; web platforms have a harder time tracking a particular user, because they see the external proxy IP address instead of the local address of the device that is being used to access the platform. Moreover, web services track one connection per session, which makes it very hard for them to cross-link different visits and trace them to the same user to profile them: if you visited a website with recipes first and a car dealership website later, platforms won’t be able to link these visits together and trace them back to you.

When should you use Facebook Proxies?

Managing Multiple Facebook Accounts
Facebook wants all accounts on the platform to belong to real people, and that’s why it often mass-blocks all profiles whose IP addresses coincide. However, using separate proxies for each account means that all of them will have different IP addresses, and it will become much harder for the platform to understand that they are controlled by a single person, and therefore ban risks decrease significantly.

Some proxy services come with the capability to alternate the IP address every hour or even as often as you need. Another way to protect yourself from possible bans is to link a unique static residential server to each of your accounts. This will mean that all of them will come with their own IP addresses, and Facebook won’t suspect you of multi-accounting.
Unblocking access to Facebook
North Korea, China, Russia, Turkmenistan — what do these countries have in common? You’ve guessed it: there, and in some other countries, local governments block access to Facebook. If you ever find yourself in one of these countries or just live there, a proxy server will help you bypass these regional restrictions: simply choose any IP address in a country that does not block access to Facebook.
Power Marketing Automation Software
Digital agencies often manage multiple accounts, and using proxy servers and special software like UseViral helps them automate their routine tasks, plan and automatically publish social media posts, and respond to direct messages. Proxy servers also help conquer new markets: use IP addresses from the target country or region to find new clients there.

Facebook Scraping

Marketing specialists have to constantly collect and track information about their target audiences, their competitors’ prices, and ad traffic. If done manually, these tasks take too much time and are not always as effective as they need to be. However, they can be made much easier with the help of a special bot, a web-scraper.

To use one, install such software as Octoparse, DataOx, or ScrapingBot, and use Scrapy, Selenium, or Apify SDK frameworks. They come with the necessary tools to collect, analyze, and store data in the required format. Compile a pool of web pages that interest you, run the bot, and it will automatically scrap them, giving you an easy to work with spreadsheet.

Bonus Tips for Using Facebook Proxie

Proxies are usually used together with multi-accounting antidetect browsers. This is because platforms can identify and track web users not only by their IP addresses, but also using their digital fingerprints. These are bundles of information regarding user devices: useragent, browser version, screen resolution, etc. Multi-accounting browsers spoof (substitute) the fingerprint, preventing web resources from tracing the same user to their different profiles.

Octo Browser supports all popular proxy protocols: https, socks5, and ssh, and allows you to connect third-party IP change solutions. Octo Browser also comes with other useful functions for easy and convenient work with proxies:
  • bulk adding and editing proxies;
  • a built-in proxy checker;
  • API for streamlining routine tasks;
  • proxy and profile transfer to other team members;
  • templates for adding proxies to profiles automatically.

Octo Browser supports an unlimited number of temporary proxies. You can learn more about configuring proxies in Octo Browser here.


Proxies are essential for multi-accounting, bypassing regional restrictions, and staying anonymous online. When choosing a proxy service, you need to pay attention to its type, available geolocations, and automation possibilities it offers. Choosing paid-for residential proxies and testing them before use is highly advisable for maximum security and reliability. You can find a detailed guide on checking your proxy quality here.

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