Octo Browser at Conversion Conf 2024 in Warsaw

MAY 23, 2024 NEWS
Octo Browser at Conversion Conf 2024 in Warsaw
In April, the Octo Browser team participated in the international conference Conversion Conf in Warsaw, which brought together leading speakers and the entrepreneurial community in the field of affiliate marketing.

The conference attracted more than 2,000 participants, and 50 leading industry experts gave keynote addresses. The diverse lineup of presenters made the event interesting and productive for both industry professionals and newcomers. In addition to the busy conference days, there were numerous side events where attendees could find partners for podcasts and interviews.

It was a great pleasure to meet our satisfied users, as interacting with our clients helps us constantly improve our product. We also enjoyed introducing affiliate marketing experts to the advantages of Octo Browser and our special offers.

The Octo Browser marketing team met with various partners to discuss joint projects and collaborations. This time, we decided to interview experts from various fields to learn about trends and market specifics in nutraceuticals, dating, iGaming, e-commerce, and many other markets. Take a look at what we’ve put together and immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of the event:
Each conference brings us dozens of new connections that turn into valuable partnership offers for our users. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in Conversion Conf, for the new acquaintances, and the useful insights. Expect even more innovations and improvements from Octo Browser in the future!

Stay tuned for updates with the latest important news and offers, and we’ll see you at future conferences!

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