Enabling 2FA in Octo Browser

Enabling 2FA in Octo Browser
Sophia Grote
Customer Support Specialist, Octo Browser
In the Octo Browser 2.0 update, we added an extra layer of security — two-factor authentication. This technology ensures that only you can access your account. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on setting up two-factor authentication and answers to frequently asked questions.


What is two-factor authentication for?

Two-factor authentication is a powerful tool for protecting your Octo Browser account. Using 2FA significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your data and profiles in case of password leaks. Even if an attacker learns your password, they won't be able to access your account without the second authentication factor.

Account protection with 2FA works as follows:
1. The user enters their login and password.
2. The system requests an additional code from the authenticator app.
3. The user opens the app, which generates a new one-time code every 30 seconds.
4. The user enters the received code and gains access to the account.

Enabling 2FA in Octo Browser

To activate two-factor authentication, go to your account settings and select "Enable 2FA."
Enabling 2FA in Octo Browser
Click on the "Enable 2FA" toggle and enter your current Octo Browser account password. You will then receive a QR code and a key for setting up the authenticator app. To activate 2FA, install an authenticator app on your phone or another device; any app that supports TOTP authentication will work, e.g., Google Authenticator (Android, iPhone), Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile, LastPass, Authy.
Install your preferred authenticator app and follow these instructions:
  1. Open the authenticator app and click on the "Add account" button.
  2. Scan the QR code using your phone's camera. If you cannot scan the QR code, copy the provided setup key and paste it into the app.
  3. A six-digit code will appear on your phone screen. Enter this code in the "Code from the authenticator app" field.
Click "Set Up 2FA" — and the two-factor authentication system will be enabled!

Click "Set Up 2FA" — and the two-factor authentication system will be enabled!


Enabling 2FA will log you out of Octo Browser on all devices using the same account. If any profiles are running at that time, they will be closed without syncing with the server. To initiate resynchronization, you will need to log back into the account on that device.
After activating two-factor authentication, you will receive backup codes that will help you restore access to your account if you lose access to the authentication app. Each of the eight codes can be used only once.
After activating two-factor authentication, you will receive backup codes
We recommend saving the backup codes in several secure places and using a password manager. If you lose access to the authentication app and the backup codes, Octo Browser Support will not be able to help you restore access to your account.

Logging into your Octo Browser account

After enabling two-factor authentication, the system will prompt you to use a one-time code in the following cases:
  • If you have been forcibly logged out of your account.
  • If you are attempting to log into Octo Browser from another device.
Logging into your Octo Browser account
To log in, enter the six-digit code from the authenticator app, which is automatically generated every 30 seconds. Ensure you enter the code before it expires to successfully complete the authentication process.

Disabling 2FA

If you decide to disable the two-factor authentication system, go to the account settings and click the "Enable 2FA" toggle. A window will appear asking you to confirm this action by entering your password.
Disabling 2FA

Protect your Octo Browser account now!

Although using two-factor authentication (2FA) is not mandatory, we strongly recommend enabling it for your account. Combining a strong password with 2FA is a simple and effective way to protect your account and profiles from unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which authenticator app should I use?
You can use any app that supports TOTP (time-based one-time passwords) authentication, such as Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator (Android, iPhone), LastPass or Duo Mobile.
How do I change my authenticator app?
To add a new authenticator app, go to your account settings, disable two-factor authentication, then re-enable it and activate the new app.
What should I do if I lose access to my device and/or authenticator app?
You can use one of the 8 backup codes to quickly restore access to your account.
What if I lose the recovery codes?
You can view the backup codes in Octo Browser by clicking the "Show my backup codes" button. You will need to enter your account password to view them.
What should I do if I run out of recovery codes?
You can regenerate the backup codes by clicking the "Generate new backup codes" button. Each time you get a new set of backup codes, all previous backup codes become invalid.

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