Multiple Amazon Accounts — Guidelines and Tips

Multiple eBay Accounts – Guidelines and Tips
Robert Hall
E-commerce consultant
Amazon is the most popular online marketplace: it accounted for 40% of e-commerce in the USA in 2023. Sellers want to develop their businesses on the platform, but are wary of creating multiple accounts on the platform due to its rules. Is creating several Amazon accounts legal? How can it be done safely? Read on to find out.

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Amazon multiple accounts policy

Amazon allows creating multiple accounts if it’s necessary for business purposes, e.g., if you develop various brands. It is forbidden to create multiple accounts to manipulate sales figures or avoid negative reviews; such actions result in bans.

All your stores should have a good reputation, separate emails, phone numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, and taxpayer IDs.
Amazon multiple accounts policy

Benefits of having multiple Amazon accounts

More accounts on Amazon means larger incomes. However, Amazon multi-accounting offers less obvious benefits too. You can:
  • Diversify into new regions and markets. The marketplace has different rules for different localities. You can adhere to them all at the same time only if you run separate profiles for each region.
  • Develop various brands. You can manage sales performance and reviews and run ads more effectively if you do it separately for each brand. For example, if you have one account for children’s clothing and another for men’s footwear, your ads for the first one can emphasize the natural materials, while the second account can stress the quality and elite looks.
  • Mitigate risks. Once you divide your business into various segments, losing one of them does not compromise the others and does not lead to disastrous financial losses. For instance, a seller runs five Amazon pages: for kitchenware, furniture, clothes, books, and plumbing. Let’s say they sold a faulty faucet, a customer reported their plumbing storefront, and it got banned. As a result, the seller lost 20% of their potential income; if they had been advertising all their goods on one storefront, they would have lost everything.
  • Change business models. Amazon does not allow working with both individual and corporate clients using the same account. You can try out a new strategy or reorient your business to a different segment by running multiple accounts.

Risks of having multiple Amazon accounts

However, the more accounts you have on the marketplace, the more risks you run. These include:
  • Time investments. Amazon does not allow advertising the same goods on multiple accounts at the same time. You will have to set up and manage stores and analyze statistics manually, so running two accounts will cost you twice as much time.
  • Ban risks. If Amazon algorithms suspect that a seller runs multiple pages illegally, they all could get suspended or banned.
  • Mistakes. Sellers on Amazon sometimes post goods using wrong accounts or confuse orders when they run multiple stores at once. Such mistakes can lead to negative reviews that will adversely affect your sales.

How to create Amazon seller accounts

You can create an Amazon seller account in four steps:
  1. Click Sign up on Amazon Seller Central.
Click Sign up on Amazon Seller Central
2. Click Create your Amazon account.
Click Create your Amazon account.
3. Provide a name, email, password, then click Next.
Provide a name, email, password, then click Next.
4. You will receive a one-time password to verify your email. Use it and click Create your Amazon account.
Use it and click Create your Amazon account.
Indicate the location where you will be selling, your taxpayer ID, bank account, and the goods’ category. Sometimes Amazon might ask for identity verification or a business license.
Provide a name, email, password, then click Next.

How to use multiple Amazon accounts safely

As we’ve mentioned before, Amazon accounts could be banned for multi-accounting. Sometimes this happens even if you follow all the rules: the reason might be algorithms malfunctioning or your unscrupulous competitors who leave negative reviews or report your accounts.
Traceable connections between accounts are dangerous because if one gets banned, it endangers all the others. Amazon looks for the following connections and common or overlapping values:
  • cookies;
  • digital fingerprint;
  • IP address;
  • user agent;
  • company name;
  • owner name;
  • company address;
  • credit card.
It is possible to create a separate email, bank account, and address for each account, even if it could be time-consuming. But what can be done with the user agent and IP address if you run all your stores from your home laptop? The answer is surprisingly easy: you need to spoof the parameters that the platform uses to track your accounts, namely, your digital fingerprint.

A multi-accounting browser can do just that, helping you avoid tracking and protect your stores from bans. It works like Chrome or Firefox, except it can also spoof the digital fingerprint at the kernel level. You can read more about the difference between regular and multi-accounting browsers here; in a nutshell, antidetect multi-accounting browsers allow you to create multiple profiles and change their digital fingerprint, which helps you avoid platforms’ suspicions. They will simply treat your separate accounts as belonging to different users and, consequently, won’t ban them.

Besides allowing you to work with multiple accounts, such anonymous browsers also help you to:
  • work in a team or with (sub)contractors, accessing accounts from different devices without affecting their fingerprints;
  • automate routine processes and use profile templates;
  • use tags to work with separate accounts easier.

Managing Amazon accounts using a multi-accounting browser

Let’s use Octo Browser to create separate profiles in an anonymous antidetect multi-accounting browser.
  1. Visit the main page and sign up.
  2. Provide your email and password.
Creating multiple eBay accounts in a multi-accounting browser
3. Follow the link in the verification email.
Follow the link in the verification email
4. Download the browser version you need and install it following the guide.
Follow the link in the verification email
5. Log into Octo Browser, go to Profiles, and click Create Profile.
Follow the link in the verification email
6. Provide a title, add a tag and start page links. Click Randomize to change the fingerprint and then click Create Profile.
Follow the link in the verification email
You can also select the OS, screen resolution, fonts, geolocation, CPU cores, and RAM size manually. However, make sure that the fingerprint does not raise suspicions: e.g., its timezone and geolocation should coincide.

7. Click Start, and Octo will follow the link you’ve previously indicated as your starting page. Log into your Amazon account or create a new one.
Follow the link in the verification email
Repeat this process to create other Octo Browser profiles. Each of them will run in a separate window and have a unique digital fingerprint.


You can run as many Amazon accounts as necessary. Multi-accounting helps you increase the number of your profiles, diversify and minimize risks, develop separate brands, increase your geographical reach, and try out new business models. However, digital security is paramount. All your profiles should use different phone numbers, addresses, emails, taxpayer IDs, unique IP addresses, and digital fingerprints. Octo Browser can spoof your digital fingerprints to prevent Amazon from identifying, linking, and banning your accounts.


Is it legal to have multiple Amazon accounts?
Yes, you can create several profiles if there is a business need for that: e.g., if you sell goods from different categories.
How many Amazon seller accounts can I have?
You can have as many unconnected accounts as you need. However, each one should use a unique phone number, credit card, email, bank account, taxpayer ID, and digital fingerprint.
How does Amazon track multiple accounts?
Amazon can track accounts using overlapping IP addresses, useragent, similar behavior patterns, and digital fingerprints. If Amazon suspects that a user created several accounts illegally, they all may get banned. Octo Browser protects you from bans for multi-accounting.
Can I create 2 Amazon accounts with the same number?
No, each Amazon account should use its own unique phone number.
How can I manage multiple Amazon seller accounts?
You can securely manage several Amazon seller accounts using anonymous multi-accounting browsers such as Octo Browser. Octo spoofs digital fingerprints at the kernel level, which means that platforms treat each profile as a separate unique user and don’t ban them.

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