Boost Your Marketplace Success with a Multi-Accounting Browser

How to use a multi-accounting browser to increase your income on e-commerce platforms
In 2022 the e-commerce market continues to grow rapidly. Obrelo forecasts that e-commerce worldwide sales will soon exceed $ 5.5 trillion. New technologies provide new opportunities for retailers, but they also come with risks related to security, scaling, and growing and developing your business on popular marketplaces. Let’s see how Octo Browser can help you increase your sales on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Shopify, or Avito.

How can a vendor use Octo Browser for e-commerce?

Octo Browser is a tool for creating and managing an unlimited number of accounts on major e-commerce platforms. By increasing the number of storefronts and trade offers you will increase your income without additional expenses. However, most marketplaces track users suspected of multi-accounting and ban them.

That’s why it’s crucial to be protected against any data leaks when operating multiple e-commerce profiles. Octo Browser provides you with exactly this protection by spoofing your digital fingerprint.

A digital fingerprint is information about a device, installed software, and connection of a user that a website uses to identify its visitors and collect analytical information about its audience.

Octo Browser prevents websites from collecting such data. Instead, it provides them with a realistic digital fingerprint that uses hardware and software parameters that are indistinguishable from regular website users.

Stimulate your sales and protect your reputation

Octo Browser lets you control thousands of independent profiles and simultaneously promote different brands in various product niches. That means your products will be better represented in search results occupying more positions and ousting your competitors from top search results. What’s more, reputation risks are diversified across a multitude of specialized accounts.

Not only can you scale up your business via vendor accounts, you can also stimulate your sales and increase your target audience loyalty using reviews. Multi-accounting helps you to protect brand reputation for potential customers, crowding out negative reviews with a large amount of positive ones, which lets you attract more customers than other actors on the platform.

Competition analysis

Research done by Data Insight regarding online commerce showed that in 2022 more than 38% of motivated visitors checked out several e-commerce platforms to compare products prices before buying a product. This means that without monitoring your competitors' prices and promptly reacting to market changes you will lose a significant amount of your potential clients.
The good news is that you can automate your market research by data parsing without wasting your time on visiting dozens of websites, inspecting the catalogs, and monitoring product prices.
A parser is a program that helps you to quickly gather necessary information about prices and availability of a given product, which is especially important if you work in a highly competitive market and want to use flexible pricing as your advantage. This means that you will need a reliable multi-accounting browser to access your target platforms securely, because otherwise the device performing data scraping will be blocked due to exceedingly similar queries to a platform. Octo Browser avoids this and allows you to securely use parsers and scrapers, saving your money (compared to paid-for SaaS services).


Due to ruthless e-commerce and dropshipping competition a multi-accounting browser becomes a vital tool for retailers.

Octo Browser helps you to:
• Create and promote different brands on major marketplaces;
• Manage your reputation and seed reviews;
• Automate routine processes and data parsing;
• Work in a team and facilitate account management by multiple users.

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