Octo Browser 1.8: Dark theme, importing bookmarks, and fixing User Agent

Octo Browser 1.8
We constantly collect and analyze our user's feedback and suggestions to add the most requested functions to each new release of Octo Browser. With Update 1.8, we’re bringing you a dark theme, better proxy interaction and overall browser speed improvements. We have added support for importing bookmarks, automatic subscription activation, User Agent recovery and other improvements that make Octo Browser still simpler and more secure.

Dark theme

Octo Browser now has a highly-requested dark UI theme. You can choose between the light and dark themes depending on your preferences.
Dark theme

Changing the theme

Open the Settings in the top right corner;
Go to Additional;
Choose your preferred theme.
Choosing a theme

Choosing a theme

We hope that the UI theme that best suits you will make your work more pleasant and increase your productivity and concentration!

Importing bookmarks

You can now set up your bookmarks bar easier and quicker: you can add the necessary bookmarks during profile creation. Now you don’t have to look for and add the necessary links every time: you can keep them as bookmarks without running a profile.
Adding bookmarks when creating a profile

Adding bookmarks when creating a profile

We have also added mass import of bookmarks. You don’t have to add them one by one: you can import up to 100 links at once.
Mass import of bookmarks

Mass import of bookmarks

Automatic subscription activation

We have simplified the process of activating a subscription for our users. After a subscription has been purchased, there is no longer any need to manually activate it. We have retired this step to make it easier for our users to make purchases and change their subscription plans. If you have enough tokens on your balance to purchase the chosen subscription, it will activate automatically. If there aren’t enough tokens, the subscription will not activate, and you’ll need to top up your balance.

Current OS

With the Update 1.8, the user’s current OS will be used by default to create a fingerprint when creating a profile. This will safeguard the profile against possible discrepancies in browser fingerprints for different operating systems.

For example, if you’re using a MacBook Air for work, your current OS — macOS. This means that macOS will be the default OS for creating new or quick profiles and templates.

Please note that it is still easy to change this fingerprint parameter in the Settings. You can select another OS if your tasks require this. However, we recommend keeping this setting matching your system OS for more stability and better fingerprint spoofing.
We have added an icon for the installed OS

We have added an icon for the installed OS

Bypassing ISP bans using server API

The Octo Browser Team constantly perfects the processes that guarantee full functionality and availability of our browser and its services for all our clients. In the regions where there are threats of possible CloudFlare bans, we have redistributed traffic to alternative DNS services. These measures serve to guarantee stability of our servers' functionality if any attempts at Internet regulation take place.

User Agent Correction

We have added a function that allows you to quickly update and fix your User Agent (by applying the current one), if it has been edited manually. Incorrect information in this string can easily be traced and may compromise your fingerprint. We have added a button that quickly updates the User Agent to correspond to the actual browser version to avoid unnecessary suspicions from the websites you visit.

How can I do this?

Go to profile Settings > General > Update UA by clicking on the corresponding button.
User Agent Correction
We regularly roll out major updates adding new useful functions and improving on the already existing ones to keep Octo Browser not only the fastest and most convenient tool for multi-accounting, but also the most secure antidetect browser on the market.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding making Octo Browser better. Follow our official social media channels to leave your feedback and be the first to learn about our news and updates.


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