Octo Browser 1.9: technical support right in the browser, new profile status design, and many proxies in a template

Octo Browser 1.9: technical support right in the browser, new profile status design, and many proxies in a template
Update 1.9 introduces several long-awaited changes. Now Octo Browser comes with a feature that allows bulk adding of proxies to a template, a new profile status design, and many other improvements that will make your work more comfortable.

FAQ, feedback, and live chat in the browser

Now the technical support is even easier to reach, as the browser comes with a widget that allows quick access to FAQ. You can also use it to send bug reports and chat with our technical support right in the browser, without having to go to the website and using the chatbot.

Here we have accumulated the most common questions and solutions, and you can perform a quick search in our Knowledge Base.

Feedback form
Now you can send us bug reports, or simply any feedback you might have without leaving the browser.

Live chat
Our technical support will see the account that requires help and will suggest a solution to the problem you might be experiencing.
Choosing a theme

New Octo Browser widget.

New design of the profile status when launching and stopping profiles

Those working with a large number of profiles will be particularly excited about our newest feature redesigning the profile status (its launch and stop). Now the relevant notifications will not appear at the top of the window, but instead will be displayed right in the interface of the affected profiles.
Octo Browser interface with running profiles

Octo Browser interface with running profiles.

Safe profile stopping

We have received a number of requests for a feature that will safely stop a profile if it becomes clear that its launch is taking too much time. Now this process can be interrupted safely without damaging the affected profile.

Changes to working with proxies

An important change introduced in this release is a redesigned interface for working with proxies. Now you can configure them in an interactive string without having to use a separate window. The new interface speeds up your work, allowing you to find the necessary proxy using search, or selecting it from the drop-down list. You can use the Set new proxy button in this list to set the necessary proxy configuration, or you can use a new method altogether: now you can type the necessary data in the correct format right into the string, and the proxy will be ready to go.
Mass import of bookmarks

New proxy interaction interface.

Copying proxy settings to the clipboard

Our favorite feature of this update allows you to conveniently copy proxy settings from a profile. Click on Copy proxy, and the data from all filled-out fields will be copied.
Copying proxy settings to the clipboard

Copying proxy settings to the clipboard.

Adding proxy sets to a template

We have increased the number of available options for creating profile templates. Now you can specify several proxies in the template settings, which will be randomly assigned to new profiles created from that template.
Create multiple profiles with different proxies using the same template

Create multiple profiles with different proxies using the same template.

Selecting a template in the profile settings

Now you can use the settings of the selected template to edit already existing profiles, and it is now easier to create a template altogether, as you don’t need to go through extra steps to activate templates. The active template is always applied to quick profiles, and is used by default when creating standard profiles.
We have added an icon for the installed OS

The active template is highlighted in the drop-down list.

Importing start pages

It is now easier to configure profiles, as you can bulk-add start pages, and you don’t have to add links one by one. You can add up to 20 URLs to the browser at the same time.
Adding start pages in the profile settings

Adding start pages in the profile settings.

Optimized Windows performance

We are proud to report that we were able to increase the browser performance and significantly lower resource consumption for our Windows users.

UI redesign

We are preparing to introduce new functions in upcoming releases, and for this reason we have changed the size of control elements, fonts, and indents. Overall, our UI is now more compact.
Modal windows redesign

Modal windows redesign.

Account registration removed from the browser

Account registration is in much higher demand on our website, not in the browser itself. This is why we have removed this duplicate functionality, and completely moved the registration process to our website. In the future we plan to make payments and account management more convenient, and this is the first step in this direction.
We always welcome your feedback and requests that will help us improve Octo Browser. Please let us know what you think through our social media channels, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to be the first to know about our news and updates.


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