Discounts and unique offers from Octo Browser partners

MARCH 23, 2023 NEWS
Discounts and unique offers from Octo Browser partners
We have some wonderful news to share! Our partners offer unique deals specifically for Octo Browser users. You will find detailed information about our joint offers and discounts on subscription plans from popular services in the new section of our website.
AstroProxy is a network of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies that offers high compatibility, reliability, and corporate-grade infrastructure for collecting and analyzing web data.
NetNut is the sole proxy server provider on the market that offers a unique hybrid network with dedicated address pools that can be optimized for any data collection tasks. allows you to create private mobile proxies using an Android app on your phone in any country in the world in just a couple of minutes.
Octo Browser users can claim a 20% discount on any NetNut Proxy Network products.
You can claim a 10% discount on the first purchase from AstroProxy. offers a 15% discount on one purchase of popular subscription plans BigDaddy and BigDaddy Pro.
These offers are valid only for Octo Browser users. Create an account to claim your discount. If you already use Octo Browser, visit the partner’s website, register there, and claim your special offer.

Claim your advantage with Octo Browser partners

The Octo Browser Team and popular proxy services AstroProxy, NetNut, and iProxy jointly offer attractive deals to our users. You can find a wide range of available proxies on our partners' websites. Use promocodes available on our website to purchase necessary multi-accounting tools with a discount.
Follow our news and subscribe to our social media channels to be the first to know about great deals, discounts, and offers from our partners. If you’d like to become an Octo Browser partner, please contact our Support Team.

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