Switching to Octo Browser is easy!

Switching to Octo Browser is easy!
There are many reasons to switch multi-accounting browsers: poor fingerprint spoofing, insufficiently tested updates, data leaks, or even critical vulnerabilities that expose your profiles.

When browser developers consistently fail to deliver, it's time to consider an alternative. Octo Browser is stable, free from data leaks, and regularly introduces new useful features.

The best way to switch to Octo is to make an account and start creating new profiles. For the next 2 weeks, we are offering a free trial period for everyone who is tired of endless software issues and would like to switch to premium-quality anti-detect browser.

Would you like to try Octo Browser for free?

Use the promo code SECUREDAYS to get a 7-day Starter subscription for free. This offer is valid through May 14.

How to transfer profiles to Octo?

The best way to switch to another multi-accounting browser is by gradual migration. Let your old profiles finish their tasks in the previous browser, but create new ones in the browser you’re switching to. This is the optimal approach as the generation of many fingerprint parameters works differently in various anti-detect browsers, so complete verbatim profile transfers are only possible within the same browser.

Manual profile transfer

If you want to transfer profiles from another anti-detect browser, and their number is not in the hundreds, you can use the cookie export feature and create profiles with similar settings. Let's explore profile transfer in detail using the example of Dolphin{anty}.
Select the profile you want to transfer and export its cookies.
Let's compare Dolphin{anty} and Octo Browser in more detail based on key characteristics.
Create a new profile in Octo Browser and give it the same name as before. Then transfer all descriptions, tags, and other working data to match the old profile. After that you need to check the settings of the old profile and copy them to Octo. If a specific value was set for any parameter in the old profile, it should be used in the new profile as well. For example, such parameters include "Screen," "Memory," "CPU," "Media devices," and others.
  • If the profile uses the real screen resolution, use the same resolution in Octo settings.
  • If the profile uses the real amount of installed RAM, select the same amount as on your device.
  • If the profile uses the real CPU, set the number of cores of your processor.
  • If the profile uses the real number of media devices, use the number of such devices on your computer.
Note that some settings are missing in Dolphin{anty}; leaving the default value is recommended in such cases. For example, this applies to fonts,as they are not displayed in Dolphin{anty}.
When configuring hardware noise, it is recommended to use the same values as in the old profile, even though the resulting final hash may differ since hardware noise generation technologies may work differently across various multi-accounting browsers.
After transferring the digital fingerprint settings, add the old cookies to the profile.

You can also connect the same proxy that was used with the old profile to the new profile. The WebRTC setting should be the same as in the old profile. In Dolphin{anty}, there are four WebRTC settings available: "Off," "Real," "Altered," "Manual." In Octo Browser, these are:
  • "Off" — Disable UDP.
  • "Real" — Real.
  • "Altered" — Based on IP.
  • The "Manual" setting is not available in Octo Browser.
To better understand a browser’s stability levels, it's recommended to look in its community chat: you’ll find more information about browser issues there.

All done, the profile has been transferred!

Please note that due to differences in browser fingerprint spoofing technologies, it is impossible to fully transfer all profile parameters. Therefore, we recommend transitioning to the new multi-accounting browser gradually, creating new profiles in the new browser as you finish working with the old ones.

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