Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2024: Gambling

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2024: Gambling
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LGaming is an affiliate network, specializing in the gambling & betting verticals

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Common Market Trends

WebView Apps Crisis

After a wave of bans on WebView applications in Facebook and Android apps in August-September of last year, some webmasters continue trying to relaunch them, but not everyone succeeds.

Against this background, PWA applications are gaining popularity. They are significantly better protected from bans, and working with them is much easier in the current conditions.

Transition to Common Keywords

Since October 2023, Google has been deprioritizing accounts for using brand-related keywords. This has significantly complicated launching brand PPC campaigns and required webmasters to shift to common keywords.

This is, however, more challenging, especially for industry newcomers who started last year, during the golden age of brand PPC. Common keywords require a better understanding of keyword acquisition, Google's mechanisms, and knowledge of blacklists. Secondly, testing common keywords is simply more expensive, requiring an increase in budgets.

Rise of Brand SEO

In response to new challenges, brand SEO has grown in popularity. In this approach, a webmaster creates a website for a specific casino brand, matching it in design style and domain name. The website may feature a comprehensive review of the promoted casino, including all bonuses and nuances. The site is promoted using the brand keywords of that casino, and the traffic is directed to the advertiser's site.

However, not everyone is ready to accept such traffic, but LGaming has already built an impressive list of brands interested in this scheme.

However, we will be able to assess the effectiveness of brand SEO only by summer. Such promotions take time, and within a few months, almost everything might change: brands, their readiness to accept such traffic, payment systems, geos, and so on.

Geo Trends

The LGaming team does not expect radical changes in geos during 2024.
Top Tier-1 traffic geos are likely to remain France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. At least for now, we don’t observe any changes in the trends here. Poland is gaining momentum, but it cannot confidently challenge the leaders yet.

As for Tier-2 and Tier-3 traffic, the most significant changes await us in Latin America. Brazil is likely to take a back seat in 2024 due to the legalization of online casinos and the associated market instability. Mexico, Chile, and Peru are becoming more prominent in the region.

In Asia, as usual, the demand remains high for the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

The rising star among geos is Turkey. It showed rapid growth last year, and in 2024, it is gaining even more momentum. LGaming’s affiliate program has many interesting offers for Turkey with high conversion.

Another promising direction is Africa. We are actively developing it and even have local employees on the continent. There are many offers, good conversion rates, and advertisers understand the traffic they are getting and how it all works. However, only time will tell how profitable Africa will turn out to be.

How to Choose an Offer?

The right choice of an offer suitable for your traffic is at least half the success. However, without much experience, it can be challenging to determine the criteria for selection. In view of this, LGaming has prepared a brief guide on what to pay attention to first.


First and foremost, check if the promoted casino has a license. The license can be Maltese, Filipino, Curacao, or local, this simply doesn't matter. But some form of license is mandatory; dealing with unlicensed casinos is too risky.

The second important element of the due diligence is checking the reputation of the advertiser. Look for reviews, complaints about non-payments, and other dubious practices. Ask other webmasters if they have experience with this advertiser. In some cases, especially for new advertisers on the market, it's worth looking for their possible connections with existing or closed projects. Consider only the offers whose security and integrity you can verify.

Deal Conditions

Always thoroughly study the deal conditions. You must understand exactly how much, for what, and using which model the advertiser is willing to pay, as well as what will be the target action. This is where most fine print points are hidden, which can lead to disappointment after investing money in advertising without seeing anything close to the expected profit.

Popular target actions include a minimum deposit and base (players depositing a specified amount), and the base can be either cumulative or non-cumulative. However, there are pitfalls here too.

For example, if you get paid for a minimum deposit, you need to clarify whether players can deposit less than the amount set by the advertiser. The advertiser may set a CPA threshold at €20, while the player's minimum deposit may be €10. In this case, those who deposit less than €20 will not qualify. In such cases, it is more accurate to refer to this as a non-cumulative base of €20, but advertisers often refer to such a model as a minimum deposit.

It is essential to ascertain the post-click, i.e., the period after the first site visit when a player can still make a deposit and qualify for the CPA. This period can be either unlimited or last 30, 14 days, or even less.

It is worth specifying the details of the payout model, whether it's CPL, CPA, hybrid, or revenue share. For example, in the case of revenue share, it is essential to know its exact formula. It may include significant administrative fees, making it much less profitable than it seems at first glance. Additionally, find out how long the advertiser is willing to pay the revenue share after new registrations stop.

Product Quality

Before making a decision about an offer, it's crucial to ensure that the players you bring in will want to stay on the casino site for some time at least.

The most effective way to do this is to go through the entire player journey of the offer yourself. This way, you can find out if it's easy to find the necessary buttons on the landing page, if the payment window opens conveniently, how complex the verification process is, and so on. At this stage, it's also worth checking whether the minimum deposit mentioned by the advertiser is accurate. If you plan to drive mobile traffic, perform these operations from your phone and evaluate the quality of the casino's mobile site.
Additionally, inquire about the percentage of successful payments. If the product has an inferior payment method, it will significantly lower the conversion.

Verification is another critical aspect. A complicated verification procedure, such as requiring a photo with a passport, will undoubtedly reduce the registration conversion. However, an overly simple procedure (or its complete absence) leads to an influx of players creating multiple accounts to abuse the casino's bonus system. In this case, be assured that a portion of your traffic will be disqualified.

Another essential aspect is localization. The product must be localized for the geo where you plan to drive traffic. This doesn't only apply to the interface language, but also to the availability of payment methods popular in that region. The interface design should be culturally acceptable for that geo, and local language support is crucial.

For example, many European advertisers operating in Brazil might not see the need to have Portuguese-speaking support. However, only 5% of the Brazilian population speaks English. The consequences of this for conversion are self-evident.


It's essential to request the offer statistics. You can request it from your manager, obtain statistics from other affiliate marketers, or the advertiser might provide it themselves.

While considering and obtaining statistics is necessary, stats should not be the primary factor in decision-making. Firstly, affiliate marketers have different traffic sources and skills, so the results of one webmaster can significantly differ from the results of another. Secondly, there might simply be no statistics available for new offers yet, and by dismissing them, you risk missing out on excellent earning opportunities.

How to Use the @LgamingAppBot

Using the @LgamingAppBot, you can create namings and deeplinks, share Facebook accounts to run ads for applications, and customize and make unique your creative materials.

How to Get Access to the Application?

Access to each application is provided to a limited number of webmasters only, so the first step is to request access from your personal manager. Once the manager provides you with passwords, follow this instruction:
When working with naming and deeplink, you need to follow three important rules:
  1. You can change sub2-sub5 in the received naming and deeplink according to your needs, but you must never change sub1, as any modification will result in a complete loss of traffic.
  2. Only Latin letters and numbers can be used in the subs.
  3. When attracting traffic from Facebook, the subs in naming and deeplink must match.
Example of using subs:
  • Naming: jwqB632nkmst_laFn_Kreo_Akk345
  • Deeplink: app://wf?sub_id_1=jwqB632nkmst&sub_id_2=laFn&sub_id_3=Kreo&sub_id_4=Akk345


The bot can create correct namings only for direct streams from the affiliate program. If you want to use your own tracker when launching campaigns, contact your personal manager for detailed instructions.

Sharing Facebook Accounts

To share Facebook accounts for an application, you need to select the desired application in the bot, then click the Sharing Accounts button in the menu of that application.
click the Sharing Accounts button in the menu of that application.
Next, send the bot the IDs of your accounts. Send them in the following format:
Next, send the bot the IDs of your accounts.
The bot will send you a notification for each shared account. After that, you can start advertising on Facebook.

We recommend keeping notifications enabled in the bot. This way, you will instantly know if an app gets banned on Google Play and can quickly redirect the traffic.

How to Set Up Targeting?

Setting up targeting is one of the most crucial steps in launching an advertising campaign, especially considering that errors in setting up targeting can often manifest much later, when potential profits may already have been missed. To minimize the risk of such a situation, we have prepared a detailed guide on setting up targeting when working with LGaming.
How to Set Up Targeting?
  • The name of the advertising campaign should always match the naming from the application; this ensures correct traffic tracking.
  • Ad type: Auction.
  • Campaign details: Mobile App.
App name: after the app is shared to the account, click this button. The app to which you are driving traffic will be selected automatically.
  • App name: after the app is shared to the account, click this button. The app to which you are driving traffic will be selected automatically.
  • App event: the event for which the traffic will be targeted. For gambling, the standard event is a purchase; Facebook shows ads to those who most frequently make purchases in mobile applications.
Select the country where the ads will be displayed.
  1. Select the country where the ads will be displayed.
  2. Set the age range for the target audience. The standard for gambling is 25-55 years.
  3. Choose the gender of the target audience. In this case, it is men.
Select Android, because the application we are advertising runs on Android.
  1. Select Android, because the application we are advertising runs on Android.
  2. Choose the minimum and maximum versions of the Android operating system for users who will see the ads. In theory, you can set the minimum version to 10. However, in practice, the best quality of traffic, especially for Tier-1 regions, is achieved starting from version 12 and above. Therefore, the optimal option is to set version 12 as the minimum and leave the maximum version uncapped.
Upload the creative, add a textual description of the ad, and choose the type of button that will be displayed for users under the ad.
  1. Upload the creative, add a textual description of the ad, and choose the type of button that will be displayed for users under the ad.
  2. Since traffic is directed to an application, choose Install Now as the Call to Action.
  3. Important! Return to the bot where you received the app, and copy the deep link from there. Paste it into the Deferred deep link field. Failure to do so will result in untracked traffic, and you won't earn anything.
All done! Click the green Publish button and wait for the ad campaign to be approved by moderation.

Rules for creating effective creative materials

The selection of texts and images for a creative material is a crucial component of a successful advertising campaign. However, every day you see low-quality ads on the Internet that do not attract, but, on the contrary, repel users. However, the rules for choosing texts and images for creatives are really quite simple.

Creative materials must be localized

Naturally, you need to use the language of the geo you are working with. It is not obligatory to be a native speaker to write the text (translators are webmasters' best friends), but attention should be paid to high-quality translation (more on this below). All proper names should also be local.

Also, it is worth taking care of visual correspondence. If images of people are used, they should look native to the country where the ad will be displayed. Roughly speaking, a blonde with fair skin and blue eyes will look unnatural in an ad intended for Bangladesh. If images or money symbols are used, they should correspond to the local currency. Universal images of dollars and euros are a safe option, but not for all geos.

No mistakes or typos

An illiterate text always undermines trust in the advertisement. Mistakes clearly indicate that the author of the ad did not put in enough effort and treated their audience carelessly. People keenly feel such an attitude on a subconscious level, and their reaction is always hostile. Moreover, the text volume in advertising is usually small. Checking it for errors is a quick and easy task.

Choose colors carefully

Bright, vivid colors are an excellent way to attract attention to your ad, and not using them would be foolish. However, it is necessary to carefully select color combinations, especially contrasting ones, to avoid causing rejection. Fortunately, there are many services and apps that help you choose colors, and all of them work quite well.

Play on emotions

Dry text and dull numbers poorly engage the target audience of a casino. Excitement and adrenaline are as important as greed and potential winnings. So, try to show the joy of winning and evoke anticipation of the game and positive emotions.

Don't forget the Call to Action

The ubiquitous Call-to-Action must always be present in the creative material. It's not enough to attract the user's attention; you need to push them to perform the desired action. After all, this is what the advertiser pays you for.

Don't deceive the audience

The user should at least have a general understanding of what they are dealing with. Simply promising free money will attract not the target audience of the casino but a crowd of freebie lovers. The traffic quality will be terrible, and your earnings will be low.

The Tools You’ll Need

The primary tool for scaling ad campaigns is a multi-accounting browser. It allows running multiple ads simultaneously, testing different combinations, and experimenting with creatives. Another essential tool for maintaining anonymity and bypassing restrictions is proxies. With proxies, you can utilize a large pool of IP addresses and change the geolocation of accounts.

Let's delve into how to avoid bans for multi-accounting and determine which multi-accounting antidetect browser and proxies to choose for the best efficiency.

Choosing a Multi-Accounting Browser

In affiliate marketing, a multi-accounting browser is used to manage multiple accounts from one device, bypass restrictions, and circumvent blocks. This tool goes far beyond what proxies and VPN services can do. Multi-accounting browsers not only help change the location by adjusting system configurations to the used proxies (language settings, time zone, etc.), but also simulate an entirely new device.

Of course, there is always a risk that algorithms may detect suspicious activity based on behavioral patterns. However, working with traffic becomes much more straightforward and safer when your additional accounts are protected from detection technologies.

Choosing Proxies

Proxies replace your real IP address with an address obtained from a proxy server. When used with a multi-accounting browser, the digital fingerprint becomes similar to the fingerprint of any other website visitor, creating a secure environment for multi-accounting.

Proxies can be used for logging into social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), messengers, advertising services, and other platforms. The key is to know which proxies are best suited for which sites.
Datacenter Proxies
Datacenter proxies are readily available and inexpensive. This type of proxy can be used for simple target sites, streaming platforms, and other platforms with no strong anti-fraud systems. However, datacenter proxies are unlikely to be suitable for working with social networks or major platforms because they are not associated with home Internet providers (ISPs), arousing additional suspicions during user authentication.
Residential Proxies
Residential proxies are among the most demanded in affiliate marketing, as they represent IP addresses of real people connected to local providers. If you use these proxies, websites perceive you as ordinary Internet surfers, eliminating suspicions of multi-accounting. Residential proxies pass anti-fraud system checks on many popular platforms and are suitable for working with Facebook and Google. However, depending on the region, they can be relatively expensive.
Mobile Proxies
The main advantage of mobile proxies is their dynamic IP addresses. This is due to the technology of mobile Internet, where the same IP address is alternately assigned to a large number of users of a mobile operator, and websites rarely block such proxies for this reason. IP rotation makes this type of proxy a secure and effective means for multi-accounting. Mobile proxies are widely used for working with social media, advertising platforms, and other sites. Their price is often somewhere in between the cost of datacener and residential proxies.

Why Octo Browser is the Best Multi-Accounting Browser

First and foremost, a multi-accounting antidetect browser is needed to provide anti-fraud systems with a reliable browser fingerprint that will be perceived as a genuine user with their own device. Anti-detect technologies should not allow leaks about the real devices being used: this is the foundation of secure multi-accounting.

A crucial feature of Octo Browser is that the substitution of the digital fingerprint is controlled at the browser kernel level. Such substitutions are almost impossible to detect, as evidenced by successful passing of popular checkers like pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, and whoer.

In Octo Browser, all browsing data, such as cache, cookies, browsing history, and autofill data, are fully isolated from each other, preventing even advanced user identification algorithms from establishing a connection between accounts. This allows for creating tens, hundreds, or even thousands of virtual profiles on a single device and managing them from one browser.
Octo Browser adheres to a simple UI concept, giving you everything necessary for your daily work. It offers a convenient and flexible fingerprint configuration, quick profiles, and templates.

Despite the fact that the choice of proxies depends on your needs, Octo Browser offers convenient and highly efficient proxy management. You can configure and manage proxies in just a few clicks, including adding proxies, selecting them from the list of favorites, checking proxy functionality, and proxy removal.

It's worth noting that Octo Browser is specifically designed for efficient and quick management of any work processes and is ideal for affiliate marketing teams. In short,Octo Browser ensures the highest level of security and usability.

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