Why you need a multi-accounting browser for affiliate marketing

Why you need a multi-accounting browser for affiliate marketing
A recent study has revealed that in 2022, 67% of individuals working in affiliate marketing utilized social media as a traffic source. This means that multi-accounting browsers are of crucial importance for working with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as attracting large volumes of traffic in ad or social networks requires a lot of accounts.

Multi-accounting allows you to run several ad campaigns simultaneously, find what works, and scale your business. However, there is a problem: social media platforms strive to keep their users unique and constantly perfect their technologies for detecting multiple accounts. Let’s see what can be done to bypass restrictions, create new accounts, and avoid bans.

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What is a multi-accounting browser and how does it work?

A multi-accounting (also known as antidetect) browser spoofs or masks the browser digital fingerprint that platforms use to identify their users. Instead of real information about your device, websites receive fingerprints with an entirely different set of parameters, thus protecting the privacy and anonymity of your real data. You can read about browser fingerprints and the data they share with websites in more detail here.

However, a multi-accounting browser is much more than a simple tool to guarantee anonymity. It is also vitally important for working with dozens of different ad and social media accounts. A high-quality multi-accounting browser stores fingerprints separately, preventing leaks or overlaps between them. This allows users to create and manage a large number of accounts without worrying about possible platform bans.
What is a multi-accounting browser and how does it work?

What can a multi-accounting browser help you with in affiliate marketing?


First of all, as its name implies, a multi-accounting browser allows you to work with multiple accounts using a single browser without worrying about possible bans. Octo Browser allows you to use an unlimited number of profiles with real-life fingerprints. Each such profile is an independent account ready for work.

Does this sound complicated? Well, in Octo Browser you can create a "quick profile" that does not require any additional tweaking in a couple of seconds, and switching between accounts is done with a couple of clicks. If high-quality proxies are used, an ad platform is unable to detect a connection between different profiles, and they become virtually uncompromisable.
Interface Octo Browser

Interface Octo Browser

Avoid bans and blocks

When you’re using an account on a platform, algorithms analyze not only your website behavior, but also your location and the device that you used to log in. They collect data about your OS, screen resolution, languages you use, and other information. This data is combined together into a unique identifier called "fingerprint." If an ad platform detects that the same user has created multiple accounts, all of them will be banned.

A multi-account browser allows you to protect your privacy and anonymity without raising suspicions of platform defense systems. Octo Browser doesn’t simply hide your real fingerprint, it substitutes it with a new one. This allows you to continue using the platform on the same device ignoring bans, blocks, and limitations on account creation.

Stay anonymous

Social media and ad platforms actively collect information about their users. This helps them understand their audience better, and improves ad targeting. Quite obviously, not everyone is a fan: personal and sensitive data could be used without the owner’s consent, or even sold to third parties.

A multi-accounting antidetect browser helps you stay anonymous on the Internet. To an ad platform or an analytics system an Octo Browser profile looks exactly like a regular user, one of many others. It just does not contain any real data related to you or your device.

Shared access to accounts

A common problem that people in affiliate marketing face is the need to work with one account as a team. The problem is not only the time spent switching between tasks, but the account security itself. The platform authentication system can detect the change of the IP address or device, which leads to additional checks and, ultimately, an account ban. However, when proxies are used, account transfer in Octo Browser stays invisible to even the most scrupulous identification algorithms. Tags and flexible team roles management help set up quick access and secure switching between accounts even in large teams.

Team members can create their own profiles, control and run them without any restrictions, and profile visibility settings help maintain process confidentiality. You can work on complex marketing and advertising tasks together with other team members without risking account security.
Shared access to accounts

Account farming

Account farming is a major source of income in affiliate marketing. Without it it is impossible to test marketing hypotheses and run large-scale ad campaigns. After the criticism, allegations and legal cases against Facebook, large social media and other popular platforms have significantly strengthened their protections against multi-accounting, paying special attention to account registration. Today creating and preparing accounts to run ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Google Ads is impossible without a multi-accounting antidetect browser, as platforms carefully check the browser fingerprint and cookies when a new account is created.

Octo Browser allows you to easily overcome registration restrictions and fully imitate human online behavior. The Cookie Robot will collect the necessary cookies for you, which will make your accounts more trustworthy in the eyes of the ad platform. Moreover, you can significantly reduce the time required to create hundreds of accounts with dozens of different services by automating recurrent processes using API.

Prolonging the life of accounts

Maybe you decided against farming accounts yourself and bought ready-made accounts. In this case, there is a way to prolong their life. Octo Browser allows you to configure the browser fingerprint in such a way that it maximally resembles the browser fingerprint that was used when the account was farmed. This reduces the chances that an ad network will notice the account transfer and ban it.
Octo Browser allows you to manage your browser fingerprint settings

Octo Browser allows you to manage your browser fingerprint settings.

Account management

Most social media users don’t have a reason to add your accounts as friends, like, comment, and share your posts. However, when you have multiple accounts at your disposal, you can imitate regular user social media behavior yourself, creating and maintaining the necessary activity around your accounts in order to increase the trust they generate.

Access geo-restricted or regional services

If your country restricts access to certain platforms and services, such restrictions can easily be bypassed using Octo Browser with connected proxies. Don’t forget to check out the discounts on proxies that our partners offer specifically to Octo Browser users!
Access geo-restricted or regional services


Octo Browser allows you to use scripts to complete routine tasks and processes automatically using any browser automation framework. The current API version allows you to create, edit, delete, and set up profiles with the necessary settings, which is incredibly useful for account farming.

Cookie collection

When new and empty accounts are created, affiliate marketers have to manually collect cookies for them. It is necessary as the platforms analyze the history of online behavior and website visits to judge their level of trust and potential risks.

It is possible to buy ready-made cookie files, or use special plug-ins and software that will collect the cookies for you. However, it is much easier and safer to use the Cookie Robot that is built into Octo Browser. It will automatically collect cookies for your profiles in the background, while you can devote your time to more pressing tasks.
 Cookie Robot

What you are risking not using a multi-accounting browser

There is always a high probability of running into your ad campaigns being declined by the moderators or even your account being blocked when you work with large ad networks or social media platforms. Sometimes beginners ignore multi-accounting browsers even when faced with these risks because of an extra budget line. Instead of ready-made solutions they try to experiment with different common browsers with free plug-ins, or just change their IP address, but these methods are not enough.

  • Proxies and VPNs do not change your browser fingerprint. Ad networks and social media can easily identify your device even if you use different IP addresses, and if you’re farming accounts, they will easily detect multi-accounting and ban all your accounts.
  • Proxies cannot hide your geolocation entirely, especially considering that large platforms check the IP address they receive against the timezone taken from the fingerprint.
  • When farming accounts, you will have to manually change proxies and browsers to create an illusion of uniqueness. Not only does this consume a lot of time, but also it considerably increases chances of errors.
Simply put, without a multi-accounting browser, proxies, and/or VPNs, ad networks will identify you and ban you from creating the accounts you need.

How to choose a multi-accounting browser?

First and foremost, you need to check your multi-accounting browser using specialized services like Pixelscan. You can do it right now, and the service will not only show you information about your device and connection, but also indicate whether your fingerprint could raise suspicions.
Octo Browser test results on Pixelscan

Octo Browser test results on Pixelscan.

Octo Browser passes with flying colors such popular checkers as Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks and Whoer without any errors or alerts. While we are proud of our high-quality fingerprint spoofing, you can also note other parameters that set Octo Browser apart from other multi-accounting browsers.

Regular updates

Octo Browser is built on the Chromium kernel, the same one that the most common browser in the world, Google Chrome, uses. We promptly update our kernel to match the current version of Google Chrome and thus help Octo Browser users to disappear in the 3,5 billion-strong crowd of Google Chrome users. You can learn why this is important in more detail in our article describing how Chromium updates affect the reliability of multi-accounting browsers here.

A competitive price

High-quality multi-accounting browsers usually don’t come cheap. Many factors influence their price, e.g., their safety, security, and stability, technical support opportunities, and features they ship. Octo Browser perfectly meets all the requirements of a multi-accounting browser for affiliate marketing, and our subscription prices are the best on the market when our quality and features are considered.

Easy to use proxies

Octo Browser boasts of a convenient and easy to use interface for working with proxies, and it supports all popular proxy types: HTTP, Socks5, and SSH.

Account transfer

Octo Browser allows you to export profiles into a file that you can send to another user, who will receive an identical profile with the same fingerprint and other data upon importing the file.


Octo Browser has a convenient and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate even for a complete beginner. We listen to our clients' feedback and constantly improve our UI design. For instance, in the recent Update 1.8 we added the Dark Theme, which, as our polls show, is being used by 46% of our clients now.
The dark theme added in Update 1.8

The dark theme added in Update 1.8.

Technical support

Fingerprinting technologies are constantly developing, and nowadays it is not uncommon to run into complications with IT security and privacy. We are proud of our Technical Support Team that helps our clients with even the most complicated issues every day.


A powerful community has formed in our Telegram channel with more than 3 thousand users. By joining you will be able to ask for advice from experienced users, or talk to Octo Browser developers directly.

The best multi-accounting for affiliate marketing

Octo Browser solves the main problem of affiliate marketing by guaranteeing secure multi-accounting. Using Octo Browser, you can test out different options for promotions and ad targeting simultaneously. Octo Browser makes teamwork seamless, makes account preparation easier, and automates many processes freeing up your time for analytics and creative work. All this together significantly increases the quality and speed of work in affiliate marketing.

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