Welcome to the Octo Club!

JULY 1, 2024 NEWS
Welcome to the Octo Club!
This is the community of Octo Browser users. Here, we discuss setting up anti-detect browsers, bypassing security systems, choosing proxies, web scraping challenges, multi-accounting on various platforms, and much more.

The main principle of Octo Club is mutually beneficial information exchange. Contribute value, be polite, and your chat neighbors will appreciate your efforts, while the admins will reward you accordingly.

Join the Octo Club

To become part of the Octo Club, simply join our chats:

Octo Club Rewards

Every second Tuesday of the month we will reward 10 most active chat participants. The selection will be based on Telegram bot stats and admin recommendations.

Rewards for the most active participants are as follows:
  • 1st place – 100 tokens.
  • 2nd place – 50 tokens.
  • 3rd place – 40 tokens.
  • 4th place – 30 tokens.
  • 5th place – 20 tokens.
  • 6th-10th place – 10 tokens.

You can request interim user activity stats from the bot by using the command /stat@combot.

Partner Discounts

We will collect special limited-time offers from our partners for you. While all services aim to promote their products using discounts and promo codes, we are here to help each other. That’s why we will leverage our community connections to bring you the most useful deals!
Free goodies might be limited, so keep an eye out for partner offer updates in the Octo Club chat during the first week of the month, starting Tuesday!
Sometimes we will conduct surveys to find out which partner offers you liked the most. Participate in the voting and discussions in the chat to help us make the club even more useful.

The Raffle

Even if you're not actively chatting in Octo Club, you still have a chance to get a bonus! Once a month, we will raffle off 5 sets of 50 tokens among all users who engage with the relevant post.
You can try your luck in the Octo Club chat every third Tuesday of the month!


We encourage a kind and respectful attitude towards all members and guests of the group. Every member has the right to their personal beliefs, opinions, and views, even if they differ from those of other members.

It is forbidden to:
  • Defend your position using rudeness, insults, aggression, and harsh statements.
  • Incite inter-religious conflicts, condemn religious ideas, practices, and spiritual values. Religious preaching is likewise forbidden.
  • Use obscene language and troll others (engage in provocations and mockery).
  • Publically disapprove of the group administration and their actions.
  • Post spam and links without explanations and/or the permission of group administrators.
  • Send messages from fake accounts.
  • Post any type of advertising, with or without links.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in a member or guest of the group being blacklisted. The group administration reserves the right to delete members' messages. By joining and participating in the group, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the community rules.

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