Why can't high-quality multi-accounting browsers be free?

Why can't high-quality multi-accounting browsers be free?
Andrey Vorster
Content Manager, Octo Browser
A multi-accounting antidetect browser is an indispensable tool for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, working in crypto and other business areas that require maintaining multiple accounts. More and more services and products on the market are offering different solutions to preserve anonymity, bypass restrictions, and manage hundreds of accounts. In this article we will discuss their hidden differences, understand pricing mechanisms and the reasons that make some of these solutions popular and worth your money.

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What is multi-accounting and what is it for?

Websites identify their visitors using several parameters not directly connected to a visitor’s identity. These include data required for establishing connection and displaying content correctly: the IP address, browser type and version, user’s country and languages, and dozens of other technical parameters. Taken separately, these characteristics are not too meaningful, but their combination creates a unique digital trace of a user known as fingerprint.

For instance, these parameters are used for fingerprinting:
  • IP address;
  • user agent and client hints;
  • screen resolution;
  • installed fonts;
  • language settings;
  • timezone;
  • device configuration;
  • OS;
  • browser extensions;
  • and many others.
Having compiled a browser’s fingerprint, security algorithms check for compliance with platform rules and suppress suspicious activity. They compare acquired fingerprints, and if they detect multi-accounting, they ban accounts before any other activity could even be carried out.

An antidetect multi-accounting browser spoofs or masks the digital fingerprint that platforms use to identify users. Instead of real information about your system, websites receive another fingerprint with a different set of parameters. Used with proxies, this enables working with multiple accounts by creating an impression of hundreds of independent real users with their own separate devices and IP addresses.
What is multi-accounting and what is it for?

Why do I have to pay for a high-quality multi-accounting browser?

Essentially, the cost of a multi-accounting browser comes down to maintaining and developing its expensive infrastructures. High-quality multi-accounting browsers invest their resources in:
  • Maintaining and developing server infrastructure;
  • Constantly researching and improving fingerprint spoofing;
  • Developing and shipping new features;
  • Testing and fixing any bugs, issues, or potential vulnerabilities;
  • Providing high-quality technical support.

Sometimes services allow using their product for free: it can be a free version of a browser with severely limited functionality or a promo code for a relatively short trial period for new users. A trial period helps understand the product better, test its functionality, or look for potential bugs, but most commonly the main reason to attract new users subscription-free is simple advertising.

Pros and cons of free multi-accounting browsers

A free browser version is a great way to test a new product. No subscriptions, no upfront costs, the only downside being profile amount restrictions and limited functionality. This model is great for free-to-play games, dating apps, and other products whose paying and non-paying users both gain from the product popularity. However, when we are talking about privacy-protecting technologies, the situation is different.

A stable and reliable functioning of a multi-accounting browser depends on the infrastructure that its team created and is actively developing and maintaining. Profile fingerprint data is stored on remote servers in order to secure the profiles’ correct operation on different devices or when transferring them between team members. When a part of the customer base only uses the free version, the project budget can be strained, which leads to excessive resource saving and micromanaging and a consequent quality degradation of the service. Low-quality fingerprint spoofing, lagging or freezing, unsatisfactory proxy integration, and unresponsive or downright absent technical support are the most common problems reported by users of free multi-accounting browsers, and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Antifraud systems are constantly learning new ways to combat multi-accounting browsers. The larger the customer base that uses the same technology, the easier it becomes to detect patterns in the technical implementation of fingerprint spoofing and thus apply counter-measures. This leads to an increased risk of account bans irrespective of whether we are talking about paying or non-paying customers. This is why trying to attract as many users as possible at all costs is incompatible with the goal of creating a secure, reliable, and comfortable multi-accounting browser.

Are cheaper multi-accounting alternatives on the market worth their money?

The major requirements of a multi-accounting browser worth its salt is, at the bare minimum, unrestricted creation of new accounts and profiles, bypassing bans, and stable and reliable server functionality. It is highly unlikely that cheaper multi-accounting browsers modernize their server infrastructures regularly to ensure protection against potential data leaks. Moreover, their fingerprint spoofing is most likely crudely implemented using js-scripts. They are unlikely to invest resources in researching security tendencies and timely browser updates; and a responsive and highly-qualified technical support team is most likely not on the menu, either.

Not all multi-accounting browsers are committed to invest their resources in constant development of their product. Even if you can live with the limitations and restrictions of a free browser version, you’re still risking getting a sub-par service, which in the end will mean a reduced efficiency of your own work.

Advantages an Octo Browser Subscription Gives You

First and foremost, when you purchase a subscription, you can forget about the trial version restrictions and choose a subscription with just the amount of profiles, team members, tags, and API request limits that you need. However, there are other advantages that have made Octo Browser as popular as it is today.

Regular and prompt kernel updates just several days after a new Chromium version is released

According to StatCounter, most Internet users update their browsers regularly. Compare this to how promptly other services update their browsers’ kernels. Even if fingerprint spoofing is implemented well in a given multi-accounting browser version, it will help avoid unwanted attention from identification systems for a limited time; however, the problem here is that after a couple of months an outdated browser will not only be useless in hiding your virtual profile, but, on the contrary, will make it stand out among other website visitors.
Regular and prompt kernel updates just several days after a new Chromium version is released

Chrome versions in use according to Statcounter. The shown Chrome versions market share takes other existing browsers into account, but does not include the latest Chrome versions.

Octo Browser is built on the Chromium kernel, and its fingerprint spoofing is implemented at the deepest level of the browser code. Octo is updated promptly and regularly, which helps maintain the highest quality of fingerprint spoofing. This work demands high professionalism of the developers team, as each new Chromium version is slightly different from the previous one, and discrepancies are easy to find.

Fingerprint spoofing in the browser code

Octo Browser is truly committed to protecting your data and privacy. Your real fingerprint is securely hidden, which means that identification systems won’t be able to cross-link your different accounts and mass ban them. Check it out for yourself! Octo Browser is one of the few multi-accounting solutions that can successfully pass BrowserLeaks, CreepJS, and Pixelscan.

Continuous innovation and development of new features

The multi-accounting market is constantly changing, and a healthy competition means more demands of the top multi-accounting browser. Regular updates and continuously expanding the list of its useful functions guarantee profile security and comfortable work with Octo Browser. For instance, the Cookie Robot that crawls websites to collect cookies, an indispensable feature for account farming, was added in one of our first releases already, and in Update 1.10 we introduced deeper and more varied options for setting up browser profiles.

Browser security

Popular multi-accounting browsers constantly invest in their security and protection of user data, yet sometimes leaks do happen. We at Octo Browser take the danger of such potential leaks very seriously and store our users’ encrypted account data and the parameters of their virtual profiles separately. This way we ensure that even if a data fragment is leaked, this will not affect overall Octo Browser security. In other words, even in the already unlikely event of an attacker getting access to and decoding a piece of information, they will still not be able to take control of your accounts and hurt your business.

A quick and secure access to data is powered by synchronization with the cloud, which is especially important for teamwork or if you use several devices to access your profiles.

Stability and disruption-free performance is often mentioned as one of Octo Browser’s advantages by our users. Each update is thoroughly tested to ensure full compliance with our internal highest quality standards. We pay full attention to the feedback our users give us and their requests to technical support, so that we can promptly fix any issues that might arise. We even added a quick feedback form accessible right in the browser in Update 1.9!

Confident teamwork

Octo Browser offers attractive subscriptions for teams. They include everything necessary for collaboration: a generous amount of profiles and tags, the Proxy Manager, profile templates and access to API. Any account can be accessed from an unlimited number of devices.

Octo Browser is perfect for small businesses, medium-sized agencies, and large corporate teams alike. We have implemented a carefully thought through role and rights distribution system for smoother work coordination and team management. You can assign separate tags to different groups of profiles to assign access rights.

Outstanding Technical Support

Our Technical Support is always there for you and will try to promptly help you with whatever question or issue you might have, 24/7. Our support specialists have an outstanding understanding of the technical aspect of our product, and can help you navigate the extensive Knowledge Base that we offer. We offer help in English and Russian, and we always aim to provide specific solutions to specific problems. Octo Browser users can reach us in a variety of ways: through our website, by email, on Telegram, or simply directly in the browser.

Our clients note our attention, care, and support in resolving their issues, and 98% of positive reviews with the average score of 4.9 out of 5 are a testament to that.
Octo Browser Technical Support in 2023.

Octo Browser Technical Support in 2023.

Active professional community and partnerships

A powerful community of professionals has formed around our high-quality product. It is another indirect indication of the global demand for Octo. Our English and Russian Telegram chats boast of more than 3,5 thousand active users who are ready to share their expertise with those who might need help or advice.

Octo Browser has earned a reputation as a reliable tool among experts and professionals, which enabled us to establish partnerships with popular proxy services, traffic trackers, and CPA networks. We continually create joint programs that offer additional discounts and unique offers to our users.

An educational program covering attracting Google Ads traffic by Banana Traff is another indication of high trust towards our product. There beginners learn how to earn money with the help of Octo Browser. This is what Banana Traff representatives have to say:

  • Banana Traff
    We have been using Octo Browser for a long time already. We believe this is the most convenient multi-accounting browser which is perfect for affiliate marketing. It has a lot of useful features, but from our perspective the most important one is the ability to transfer accounts to other users. It takes just a couple of minutes, and then an account with all its settings is in another user’s browser ready to work! Another advantage is the API that Octo offers; we are currently developing various automation solutions using it.

A convenient and uncluttered interface

A convenient UI is not often a top priority for the developers of multi-accounting browsers, and yet the browser interface is something that you will constantly interact with in your work. A well thought-through interface directly contributes to the speed and efficiency with which you can complete your tasks, so it is imperative that it is understandable, comfortable, and easy to use.

We regularly conduct product satisfaction research among different groups of users. In-depth interviews and surveys help us understand what we get right and how we can further improve the ease of interacting with the browser, and in March 2023 one third of our respondents specifically mentioned the convenient and uncluttered Octo Browser interface as one of its decisive advantages.

You do not need to be an expert in fingerprint spoofing technologies to start working with Octo Browser. A quick ready to go profile can be created in just a couple of clicks, and if you need to fine-tune specific profile parameters to ensure the right and comprehensive fingerprint spoofing, you can always easily do so at any time. Octo Browser’s interface makes complicated processes easy and transparent, which amplifies the cause of antidetection technologies and makes multi-accounting available to all.

Automate routine actions

Each browser function can be fully automated using our API, which gives you complete automation freedom, ranging from creating and setting up profiles to adding bookmarks and extensions. Octo Browser is built on Chromium, so integration with Puppeteer, Selenium, Playwright, and CDP frameworks is seamless.

Which multi-accounting browser should I choose?

Sometimes, even a free multi-accounting browser will do: for instance, if you would like to dip your toes into a new and unfamiliar business area, such as affiliate marketing, or increase the reputation of your business by leaving a couple of positive replies on Google Maps. However, if a stable income is at stake, paying for a high-quality multi-accounting tool gets you not only the technologies necessary to bypass restrictions, but also security of your accounts.

It is never a good idea to save on quality: cheaper services will often let you down, and your accounts and profiles will get banned, which increases your spendings on expendables. The same applies to the usability and additional functions and features. If you already make some money using multi-accounting and would like to earn more, try switching to a better antidetect multi-accounting browser!

Is Octo Browser worth its price? Without a shadow of a doubt. It is an advanced browser offering outstanding fingerprint spoofing quality. Each Octo token you spend is one step towards security, reliability, and efficient work. What we offer is not simply another high-quality technical solution, what we offer is a way to truly scale up your income.

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