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There has been a constantly growing demand for artificial intelligence in recent years. According to a study by SNS Insider, in 2022 this market was worth $216,48 million, and it is forecasted to reach $1,02 billion by 2030. Neural networks are changing work processes in SMM, design, marketing, software development, and even affiliate marketing. The Octo Browser Team collected 16 creative ways to automate routine processes, speed up content creation, and gain the competitive advantage you need using AI.

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Using ChatGPT in affiliate marketing

  1. Analyze the market

At the start of an ad campaign the chatbot studies the target audience, highlights developing trends, and examines strategies of your competitors.
Set it the task of profiling the target audience, and finding out its demographic characteristics, values, pain points, and typical behavior. You will understand who you are talking to and what is important to these people better, which means it will become easier for you to choose an effective marketing strategy. Then ask ChatGPT which traffic management strategies are most commonly used in affiliate marketing now: you will learn about new opportunities and adapt them to suit your strategy.
This is the reply we got when we asked ChatGPT to choose popular affiliate marketing strategies.

This is the reply we got when we asked ChatGPT to choose popular affiliate marketing strategies.

2. Choose the offer

Your AI helper will find current and relevant affiliate market offers for you. Chat is most helpful with offers from popular brands; if an area is little-known, the neural network will only be able to help you with niches, while you will have to look for specific offers yourself.

3. Choose your GEO

ChatGPT will help you orient yourself in an unfamiliar market and select the GEO you need. You can deal with this task in two ways: you can ask which countries are best for your traffic, or identify the most popular offer in a given country. In the first case Chat GPT will create a large list, but won't tell you why exactly it chose those specific locations. It also might give you incorrect or unverified stats, so it is always advisable to double-check the info it gives. The second way works better, as the AI tells you the popular online marketing areas in a given country.

4. Find influencers

The OpenAI product can help you solve strategic tasks, e.g., find influencers who are relevant to a given brand. Tell the assistant about the mission and clients of the company, then ask which celebrities influence customers and support brand values. Once you’ve identified the best influencer and agree on cooperation terms, the AI can help formulate a strategy for a joint project.

5. Create a sales funnel

The neural network will help you develop a sales funnel the whole way from the moment when a potential customer notices a service until its purchase. Give the artificial intelligence as much info as you can. The more details you provide about the offer, channel, and customers, the more specific the replies from AI you will get.

After the assistant creates the funnel, you can ask specifics about each stage. However, it is unlikely that the AI will create something entirely unique: most probably, it will offer standard online marketing patterns.

6. Develop a website

ChatGPT saves money on creating landing pages. It can develop and design simple front pages, all you need to do is tell it about the functions you want and the language in which to write them. HTML and CSS are great for these purposes. Let the AI write a template for the main page. Specify the sections you need, and it will create separate pages. Make sure to thoroughly test the website.

Sometimes the neutral network can freeze while working on an especially long script. If this happens, explicitly ask it to continue, and it should resume its work. If this doesn't help, open a new chat tab.

AI can tweak standard WordPress templates for your needs and will write CSS code. Go to CMS and using plugins, template configuration, and a child theme add the AI-generated code. This way you can update fonts, their size, color combinations, and the size of web page elements.
If you're not sure how to write an effective prompt, you can ask ChatGPT itself about it! Tell it the information you'll need and how to structure it, and it will give you an instruction. With some experience you'll see which prompts lead to more detailed responses. After all, people can learn just like machines can :)

7. Create content

Neural networks can significantly simplify this resource-intensive process. Here's a list of what they can do for affiliate marketing:
  • Write texts: product descriptions, reviews, social media posts. It's important to give the AI detailed instructions, describe the audience and the communication channel. The AI will create a structure and write a corresponding long-read. Generate several versions of the article and compare them to get the best material.
ChatGPT developing the article structure: the first part of the response.

ChatGPT developing the article structure: the first part of the response.

  • Create scenarios for videos. Specify in the prompt the ad duration, the protagonist of the ad, product characteristics to highlight, its applications and the target audience. Don't forget to tell the assistant what kind of response you'd prefer: a frame-by-frame scenario or just a voiceover. Edit the scenario to suit your needs and send it to production.
  • Increase uniqueness. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite content if you notice lower conversion on particular web pages. ChatGPT will complete this task faster than a human copywriter.
  • Create keyword lists. The AI can find popular queries of your target audience, so use this. Describe your clients in detail, and Chat GPT will give you a list of keywords and phrases for specific materials. This will prioritize your website for search engines, which will help you increase conversion. However, don't forget that the ChatGPT 3.5 knowledge cutoff point is September 2021.
  • Create titles. Neural networks can write catchy titles, slogans for ad banners, and so on. Let it generate several ideas, and you can select two best ones and run an A/B test.
  • Help you with creative materials. ChatGPT writes code and texts, but it can be useful with visual content too: it can help you with ideas, logos, identity and color schemes for illustrations; just give it a detailed description of the product or service and explain the communication goals.
Always reread AI-generated texts before publishing them. The AI is quite capable of making grammar, style, word choice, and even logical mistakes, with the output quality decreasing for languages other than English. If you do not trust yourself with proofreading, you can always use the LanguageTool service.

8. Optimize ad campaigns

The chatbot will find errors missed by humans; e.g., it can explain why ads do not bring in the expected conversion rates and give advice on how to improve them. Always feed the neural network as much data as possible. If you suspect a specific problem, it is better to ask about it right away. The more details you give about a task, the more relevant recommendations you’ll get; e.g., if you set the task of optimizing your targeting, AI will configure it with more precision and earn you more clicks.

9. Simplifying your mailing lists

The OpenAI product will save your team resources with this labor-intensive task. Not only can it segment your audience, come up with clickable subjects and write emails, but it can also adapt them to specific users and optimize the whole mailing process.
To personalize your messages, ask the assistant to add specifics and details to an already created email, e.g., to find online information about your client’s company or projects, interviews with lead staff or the CEO. This will help you increase customer trust.
Artificial intelligence can track sent and received emails. Ask for a mailing list process template and implement a CRM structure. This will help you sort the data, and, as a result, identify the most promising leads.

New opportunities for 2023 with GPT-4

New opportunities for 2023 with GPT-4
A newer, more functional and powerful version of ChatGPT, 4.0., was released in March of this year. It can process 8 times more data, which helps it write more detailed answers. GPT-4 can also analyze pictures, video, and audio, whereas the previous version could only work with texts. The updated neural network can even make sense of a blueprint drawn by hand, can describe a screenshot, and it understands more languages than its predecessor. Compared to ChatGPT 3.5, this new product brings more opportunities to affiliate marketers.

1. Create a content plan

GPT-4 can create a plan for your blog for a week, a month, or even a year. Give it a link to your or your competitors’ resources, a timeframe, and publication frequency, and describe your goals and readers. The neural network might not provide the top-quality content, but you can always use its creations for inspiration.

2. Translate texts

ChatGPT can give Google Translate a good run for its money in terms of translation quality, and it supports more than 100 languages. However, it can sometimes struggle with complex or niche terminology, so it’s always advisable to show its translations to native speakers.
Impressive translation work by GPT-3

Impressive translation work by GPT-3.

3. Writing prompts

GPT-4 is great for writing prompts for its colleagues. Set the word limit, indicate the neural network for which you want the prompt, and describe what you want to see in the final product.

4. Optimize usability

The neural network can study the UX and UI of a website or an app and can give you advice on how to improve user experience or make the interface more intuitive to the users. Simplifying the navigation and ordering processes and faster web pages increase your customer loyalty and conversion.

5. Develop a chatbot

Let the assistant make a bot for a website. Make sure that you already have the necessary credentials and API keys, install Python and check the current version of the package installer. Then integrate OpenAI and Gradio libraries into your Python environment and download a code editor: VS Code, PyCharm, or Sublime Text.

When the neural network finishes creating the bot, test it and then deploy it on a virtual hosting, in the cloud, or on a specialized platform for chat agents like Heroku or PythonAnywhere.

After the integration is complete, users will be able to ask questions, and the artificial intelligence will answer them 24/7. You can use this tool for consultations regarding services or for technical support to increase customer loyalty and save your team time for solving more complex issues.

6. Develop a website using a visual blueprint

The 4.0 version can create landings based on architecture drawn on paper, and even bad handwriting does not stop it. Think the webpage structure through and give the neural network a precise task. Make sure to take care of logic, UX and UI for the correct operation of your online resource.

7. Analyze data

The assistant will help you with quickly sifting through dozens of pages per day. This is very important in affiliate marketing, as you will often need to deal with large volumes of information. Feed articles to the chat, and it will summarize them for you and draw conclusions. OpenAI even promises to add this function for video clips In the future versions. We will surely be glad to see that!

Installing ChatGPT

The process is easy and intuitive.
  1. Follow the link and click Sign up.
  2. Provide your email address and create a password.
  3. You will receive an email with a confirmation link, click on it.
  4. Provide your name and last name.
  5. Provide a phone number and enter the code that you will receive.
  6. You’re all set and can get started right away!
To log into the service faster, you can install a dedicated Google Chrome extension, which is also available for Octo Browser. If necessary, you can watch the tutorial on adding Octo Browser extensions here.


ChatGPT is a useful tool that can save resources of affiliate marketers and help speed up your work while cutting the costs. However, this is not a magic wand that will do everything for you.

While working with a neural network, it is important to remember the following:
  • An AI does not really possess knowledge or common sense. You will get convincingly-sounding answers, but they might not correspond to the hard facts of the real world. Always double-check the stats, quotes, and data an artificial intelligence gives you.
  • ChatGPT 3.5 knowledge cutoff point is September 2021. If more current information is required, it is better to find it on your own.
  • Neural networks make mistakes. Always double-check the created content, give translations to native speakers for proofreading, and code to developers for review.

These drawbacks notwithstanding, ChatGPT is great for brainstorming, content generation, collecting and analyzing information, optimizing ad and SEO strategies and web resource usability. The most important rule is to always give the assistant as much correct and detailed information as possible, and the AI will help you gain the competitive advantage you need and increase your affiliate marketing income.

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