Farming Google accounts: choosing the right proxies

Farming Google accounts: choosing the right proxies
All muti-accounting is based on email addresses. Without them, you won’t be able to register and manage accounts on social media, e-commerce platforms, and other online services. As emails can be used for spamming and other nefarious purposes, Google uses sophisticated algorithms to detect mass user registration and verification. In this article we’ll talk about avoiding potential related restrictions and choosing the right proxies to create Google accounts.

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What is multi-accounting and what is it for?

Multi-accounting means creating multiple accounts on a website or platform using such identification data as email addresses, logins, and passwords. It can be used for various purposes, and it is essential for any business that needs or is undergoing upscaling.

Google’s market share among other search engines for June 2023 is a staggering 90.68%, which makes it the most popular and universal search engine in the world by far. The company constantly innovates and develops new products; Gmail, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Maps, Google Drive, and Google Docs are all among services offered by Google.

A distinctive feature of Gmail is a strong connection to a user’s account, which is a key element of the Google ecosystem. It streamlines access to content and other services and products the company offers. Your Google account can also be used to log into many third-party applications and websites, which makes it a convenient and universal authorization tool.
Google services and products.
Registering a Google account is also the first step if you decide to work with Google Ads. Access to this service is crucial for advertisers who create and manage ad campaigns, which are displayed in search results, on partner websites using Google AdSense, on YouTube and in mobile apps. Our partners at Banana Traff have put together a guide on farming Google accounts which you can read in our blog.

Mass account registration tools

To successfully farm accounts without having to constantly solve CAPTCHAs, verify your phone number or face other restrictions, you’ll need:
  • An anti-detection multi-accounting browser;
  • Personal proxies with residential IP addresses;
  • IP addresses that have not been blacklisted;
  • A list of websites that search engines trust.
Creating a Google account seems like an easy enough task: providing your first and last name and creating a login and a password should be enough at first glance. However, if you simply start creating one Google account after another, you will very soon face a ban, as Google prevents multiple registrations from the same IP address. A proxy server will help here: it will change your IP address, which should lower Google’s suspicions.
A phone number or an SMS activation service
A phone number is not mandatory when creating an account. Google will ask for it if:
  • It thinks that your IP address or browser fingerprint are suspicious;
  • An unusually large-scale activity or multiple violations can be traced to your browser fingerprint or IP address;
  • Multiple accounts have been registered with this browser fingerprint or IP address.
A multi-accounting browser
An antidetect multi-accounting browser helps create virtual profiles with unique fingerprint parameters. Profiles created in Octo Browser will be identified by Google as new and independent users. Octo Browser also makes sure that such browser fingerprint parameters as Timezone, Geolocation, and Languages correspond to your proxy geolocation.

When farming accounts, each profile is assigned an IP address that does not raise Google’s suspicions. Getting a valid IP address with the necessary geolocation is not always a trivial task; the right choice of the proxy server helps solve this issue.
Cookies from trusted websites
Visiting websites to collect their cookies improves your account success chances. The more a virtual profile of a multi-accounting browser resembles a regular web surfer, the less suspicious it will look in the eyes of security algorithms.

Regular users can visit dozens of websites per session, so to simulate this activity, each account needs a database of several hundred cookies. Experienced account farmers advise taking 2 to 3 days for cookie collection and acquiring cookies only from websites that are indexed by search engines.

Trusted websites are resources with higher levels of reputation and trust from search engines; they are ranked higher in search results and are visited often; you can use this for collecting cookies by choosing the most popular websites on the Internet.
Most popular websites in United State, according to SimilarWeb

Most popular websites in United State, according to SimilarWeb.

Which proxies are better for account farming?

A proxy server is a tool that hides your real IP address, spoofing it with a different one. Together with an antidetection browser they create an ideal environment for multi-accounting that helps to avoid bans and restrictions. You can learn more about different proxy types and ways to use them in our article on the subject. Let’s examine each proxy type in detail paying special attention to their usefulness for account farming.

Static datacenter proxies

This proxy type is best used on platforms without strong anti-fraud systems. They work on a server, have a static IP address, are cheap and easily available. However, nowadays many large companies treat users with datacenter IP addresses with suspicion, as the trust towards this type of proxies has decreased. If you use these proxies to register Google accounts, you should expect checks trying to establish that you’re not a bot often.
Captcha confirmation of most actions on the site

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Residential proxies

Residential proxies are great for creating accounts, as they provide a high level of anonymity and security. These proxies’ IP addresses are rented from ISPs or real people, and Google considers you a regular Internet user from a certain county, region, or city, which eliminates any possible multi-accounting suspicions. The geographical location of a given IP address directly influences the price of renting residential proxies.

Mobile proxies

The most important advantage of mobile proxies is their dynamic IP addresses. The same IP address may be used by a large number of users sequentially, and due to this many websites are cautious about potentially blocking them. This proxy type is often used to work with Google; its downside is its relatively high price. Mobile proxies will normally cost you 20-30% more than residential ones with the same geolocation.

It’s important to remember that an incorrectly chosen proxy will lead to your virtual profile being marked as suspicious by Google. In this case you will need to either pass additional checks, or create a new profile and start entirely from scratch. Always take choosing your proxies seriously and pay special attention to such parameters as connection speed, security levels, and price.

Are my proxies good enough for account registration?

Only highly anonymous HTTPS and SOCKS proxy servers should be used for farming. Additionally, the proxy’s IP address should not be suspicious in the eyes of Google, so it’s always advisable to check if the proxy IP is blacklisted before using it. You can consult our in-detail article on how to check if a proxy is secure, so here we will only cover the basics.

Services to check if an IP address has been blacklisted

To see if the IP address of a given proxy server has been blacklisted, you can use any of the resources mentioned below. You should visit them while using the proxy being tested.
Checking an IP address using Pixelscan

Checking an IP address using Pixelscan.

  • Privacy Analyzer gives you detailed information about your “visible” IP address and tests the browser fingerprint for authenticity.
  • checks the authenticity of the IP address and the browser fingerprint. The checker will give you the “consistent” result if it finds no issues with your connection. To check your IP address, go to
  • and are services that check proxy anonymity and performance. You can even test a list of several IP addresses at the same time.
  • is a service that estimates the likelihood that a given IP address belongs to a proxy server, a VPN, or a TOR node. The result of the check will be a number between 0 and 1, and the closer to 1 it is, the higher the likelihood that the tested IP address is not trustworthy, as it probably belongs to a proxy, a VPN, or a TOR node.
Delete all cookie files connected to the checker after visiting it, as from the point of view of search engines and social media administrators visiting a checker platform is suspicious in itself.

Registering multiple Google accounts without bans

We decided to see for ourselves which proxy types are best for creating new Google accounts in 2023. We chose residential proxies and Socks5 mobile proxies with the USA geolocation.

Our goal was to register a large number of email addresses avoiding bans and SMS checks. We tried to mitigate the behavioral factor when registering accounts and decided against using automation, as mistakes in its settings or unsatisfactory human activity simulation could decrease the number of successful registrations not connected to any issues with proxies. We followed links in an opened browser window and clicked buttons and filled in the input fields manually.

The main problem of renting a proxy is that you can never know who and for what used a given IP address before you. This means that when buying several dozen IP addresses, some of them will be unfit for registering a Google account. Such IP addresses have already been noticed by Google algorithms and marked as suspicious.

Working with proxies in Octo Browser

Adding a proxy in Octo Browser only takes a few seconds: you only need to copy the settings in the correct format, or select pre-added proxies from your Favorite proxies list.

Registering accounts with residential proxies

We were able to register a part of accounts using residential proxies without extra work with profiles. Visiting Google Store and a few clicks on devices and accessories, followed by account creation, turned out to be enough. In approximately 80% of cases the platform asked us to verify that we were not robots through SMS verification, so we decided to collect cookies from trusted websites.

Account farming and collecting cookie files

Algorithms fighting bots and multi-accounting not only track the browser fingerprint and IP address, but previous online behavior of a user as well. Google’s contextual ads place their content, such as ad banners, on the most visited webpages, and this is how large market players can see your browsing history using third-party cookies.

We sent Octo Browser’s Cookie Robot to visit the most popular websites according to Similarweb, and we tweaked the list of visited websites for each profile a bit. The Cookie Robot collected necessary cookies once every two days, and this significantly increased the number of completed registrations without a phone number.

Cookie farming in Octo Browser

Cookie farming in Octo Browser.

General recommendations for creating Google accounts

  1. Work with your profiles before using them. When collecting cookies, add web sites containing Google Analytics scripts to the list of trusted platforms, such as YouTube, Google Play, etc. This increases your chances of registering accounts without SMS verification, which lowers your costs of creating accounts.
  2. Use the Cookie Robot, as it will significantly save your time. You can disable downloading images from websites during its work by configuring the corresponding profile setting: before starting the Cookie Robot, open the necessary profile, go to chrome://settings/content/images and disable showing images. This will minimize traffic consumption.
  3. Google loves authorizations. Go to the account creation step after spending some time on Google News or Google Store. These services will often ask their visitors to log in or register by showing a corresponding notification; use this opportunity.
  4. Avoid similar repetitive actions. Do not use the same pattern for all your accounts, even if it’s working well for now. Change the list of trusted websites and the frequency of collecting cookies with the Cookie Robot. The more diverse your farming methods, the better.

I’ve registered my accounts, what’s next?

An email address ban may arrive 3 to 5 days after the account is created, so our accounts remained idle for some time: we didn’t perform any actions with them. We checked them after a week and saw for ourselves that our proxies and the approach to account registration were secure. Now we can use Gmail to register on popular websites, social media, and marketplaces, or continue preparing our accounts for their future use with Google Ads.

A successful creation of a new Google account

A successful creation of a new Google account.


To fight multi-accounting, Google can check everything, from the browser fingerprint and the IP address to typing speed in the input fields, mouse movements, and typos. Only Google developers know for certain how their algorithms work and what triggers an increased Fraud Score, which causes extra checks. Moreover, algorithms change and evolve constantly, which means that periodically you need to change your approach to farming, test out new action sequences, and find new working strategies.

Finding a system that works well for farming Google accounts is a routine and often time-consuming process, the success of which is highly dependent on the expandables you use. The more secure your tools, the more trusted and long-living your accounts will be — and this is why you need to choose only the best antidetect browser for multi-accounting, Octo Browser.

Octo Browser is protected against data leaks, and platform security algorithms will not get any information about your real system. The highest levels of security Octo Browser offers are achieved by deep spoofing of fingerprint parameters in the Chromium code. Each virtual profile in Octo Browser has its own unique digital fingerprint and cookies. This, together with high-quality proxies, is what enables you to bypass Google restrictions and farm accounts successfully.


Can I test the quality of a proxy before buying them in bulk?
Yes, and you should! First of all, read real user reviews of the proxy service, and ask advice in the expert community chat. Next, try the proxy out: look at its speed, availability, uninterrupted operation, and the ability to visit previously inaccessible websites. Using any checker, and preferably several, see if the proxy IP address is blacklisted. Only if everything has been satisfactory, you can think about buying proxies from this provider in bulk.
Can I work using only free proxy servers? Do good free proxies even exist?
No, unfortunately they don’t. Even if a given free proxy has not been blacklisted yet, they are highly unstable. Because they are free, they are overloaded, and you will face speed and bandwidth limits. They do not provide any security and anonymity worth speaking of, and your data is at risk of serious leaks.
Why not simply buy ready-made Google accounts from sellers?
Sellers often use automated farming methods, are not scrupulous when choosing their proxies, and may not even adhere to the most basic security requirements. Chances that you will buy hacked accounts are high; moreover, these accounts may still be used by their real owners, generating their own activity. Nobody can guarantee you that the seller has not kept access to the account, or has not sold it to several buyers.

Google forbids transferring, selling, and exchanging accounts, and consequently blocks the offenders. If you experience troubles accessing such an account, you won’t be able to get help from Google Support, reestablish control over it, or appeal against the ban: you will lose both the account and your money.
Should I try to diversify my actions when farming accounts?
Absolutely. You need to alter your approach to farming from time to time. Algorithms that fight multi-accounting learn quickly, and after Google notices mass and/or patterned actions, creating new accounts will become significantly harder for you.

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