How Octo Browser became the best multi-accounting browser in 2023

How Octo Browser improved in 2022
We spent 2023 making Octo Browser the most secure and reliable antidetect browser for multi-accounting. Let’s see what we achieved and recall the most important events of 2023.

Major browser updates

Octo Browser delivered browser kernel updates faster and better than other solutions on the market. We updated the browser kernel 12 times and shipped only thoroughly tested releases. We always follow Chrome update schedule and update our browser accordingly. In 2023 we became the only multi-accounting browser that enabled support for the gigantic WebGPU standard at the same time that a stable Chrome release did.

Dark theme

Starting in February 2023, 49% of our users joined the dark side of our UI thanks to the introduction of our new dark theme. Now you can freely choose between our light and dark themes, whichever feels more comfortable to you.
Dark theme in Update 1.8

New interface for proxy configuration

Update 1.9 made working with proxies easier and more comfortable. You can configure connection parameters right in the active string without any extra windows, and you can add a new proxy in a single step: provide the proxy data right in the string in a correct format, and the proxy is good to go!
Mass import of bookmarks

Chat with Technical Support and our Knowledge Base in the browser

Now accessing our Knowledge Base and Technical Support is even easier with a dedicated widget in the browser. You can also use it to share your feedback or send a bug report.
Choosing a theme

Selecting the OS version and macOS architecture

Now our clients can configure their profiles in even more detail. We added the possibility to select Windows and macOS versions and Intel/ARM CPU architecture to make fingerprint spoofing even more reliable.
Choosing macOS architecture and version OS

Discounts on subscription upgrades

With Update 1.12 we introduced discounts of up to 30% for long-term subscription upgrades (3, 6, 12 months). This means that now upgrading your subscription is as profitable as purchasing a new long-term one.

A new payment method

With the introduction of TRX you can top up your Octo balance even easier. Choose the most comfortable option for you: you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether.
 you can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether.

Our outstanding Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team promptly resolves any issues our clients might have, using an individual approach to each request. Our specialists run additional diagnostics and communicate with developers and engineers to help even with the most challenging requests. Their efficiency is attested by 98% of positive reviews with an average rating of 4,85 out of 5 stars. Thank you for your trust!

New partners and profitable offers

In 2023, together with our old and new partners we worked to create unique offers to Octo Browser clients. We added 17 new profitable offers from popular proxy services, traffic trackers, and CPA networks that are sure to help you with your tasks at hand.

Octo Browser also significantly spread out geographically. Our multi-accounting browser is actively used not only in established European, US, and Central Asian localities and markets, but is also emphatically gaining popularity in India and Latin America. We see great potential for our product in these regions.
New partners and profitable offers

New content and community growth

Our Telegram communities in English and Russian have already accumulated more than three thousand professionals who are ready to offer their advice and expertise. You can always talk to our developers about browser settings, while the Support Team will promptly answer any questions you might have. Join us!

We engaged more experts for our blog publications and added guides from professional teams working in affiliate marketing and account farming. We plan to increase the number of posts discussing practical cases our users may face and new product features.

We published 9 instructional video tutorials for our new clients, in which we guide them step by step through the browser and its functions, so that their introduction to Octo Browser is as smooth as possible.

In 2023 we did not just publish blog posts; we also launched a newsletter with useful advice and unique offers from our partners. You can also stay abreast of the major news stories and the most important information by subscribing to our monthly digest!

Octo Browser in the media

Octo Browser became increasingly recognized in the professional community. Our PR team worked with various authors and popular resources and looked for and communicated with partners.

In 2023, we caught the eye of the media:

International conventions

In 2023, we traveled worldwide to tell people about Octo Browser, met new partners and media outlets, and distributed cool merchandise at three major conventions. These turned out to be amazing events full of face-to-face communication that helped us understand our clients better.

Our 2023 at a glance

Since launching our browser we have been setting the bar high in technological solutions, browser update speed, and fingerprint quality control standards. Our R&D and QA Teams have ensured that Octo is always stable and works flawlessly.

We spent 2023 upgrading technical capabilities of Octo Browser, having shipped five major upgrades and 12 browser kernel updates. These improvements made our browser the best in securing user privacy and anonymity, protecting our clients against unwanted identification.

Your feedback and suggestions help us move forward. Tell us what you think and what you would like to see in our browser in the future on Telegram, and we will continue our work to deliver you the best antidetect browser for multi-accounting in 2024!

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