How to use multi-accounting to test your advertising ideas and products

How to use multi-accounting to test your advertising ideas and products
Let’s say you have a possibility to see Internet resources through the eyes of any user. You can change your digital fingerprint simulating any device configuration, you can use proxies to test language- and region-dependent ideas, and generate a particular history stored in cookies. Who and how can benefit from such possibilities?

Targeted ads

How do you know that your ad campaign is really relevant to your target group, and not simply a waste of budget due to incorrect targeting? You can test this before you learn it the hard way looking at your sorry stats. To do so, you need to run a test profile in a multi-accounting browser and generate necessary search history and website visits. Now you have a ready research model to test the advertising environment and the content of your competitors.


By creating different browser profiles you can easily learn which commercial offers your clients see, and which related products are advertised to them. You can check search results for any product and monitor prices and delivery availability for neighboring markets exactly as they are set for potential customers.


"Hi, can you hear me?" That has become the second most popular greeting after the pandemic started. The reason is that videostreaming software developers don’t test their products thoroughly enough, given a wide variety of audio devices and their configurations. Using Octo Browser you can thoroughly simulate any hardware for testing, and finally prevent these small updates from wiping the user’s settings.

Game development

Octo Browser allows you to create an unlimited number of test accounts to model user behavior in browser games using different login parameters. This will help you find and fix patterns of gameplay mechanics abuse and find the bot farms that break the gameplay and monetization.


These use cases are only a small part of what a powerful toolkit offered by Octo Browser can offer. Using Octo Browser allows you to create an unlimited number of browser profiles indistinguishable from real users, which gives you an almost unlimited range of applications.

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