How to stay anonymous on the Internet in 2023

The best way to stay anonymous on the Internet
Every day we use many devices to go online, and every PC and smartphone that we use collects our data and sends it to websites that we visit. This data includes, e. g, your geotag, device description, its technical parameters, and other data that allows websites to identify you by the device you’re using, and even ban you for the slightest website policy violation. This article will tell you about three most popular and effective ways to keep your data private, mask your IP address, stay anonymous online, and bypass bans.


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure connection between a user and a server that allows the user to bypass local restrictions and remain anonymous. The data transmitted over a VPN connection is encrypted, and this is one of the easiest ways to anonymize your traffic.

However, there’s a drawback to this technology: sometimes your data can leak into a publicly accessible network. If your VPN client doesn’t immediately and automatically re-establish a secure connection when it’s broken for one reason or another, a user might simply not notice that the connection is no longer secure, and their data is being leaked.

Moreover, VPN users are often faced with slow Internet speed: additional encryption takes time, and traffic often has to travel large distances because the VPN server is far away.

Proxy servers

A proxy server is an intermediary server that functions as a middleman between a user’s data and endpoint servers of Internet resources. A proxy server allows you to browse websites with a certain degree of anonymity, as the data passes through several servers located in different parts of the world. This in itself makes tracking your IP address more difficult.

Using a proxy can be enough if all you need is to hide your real IP and/or location: e.g., when you need to access websites and services banned in a given region. However, many websites track more than one hundred parameters, besides the IP address, to identify users. This means that often just using a proxy server to stay hidden online will not be enough.

Learn more about proxy types here.

Multi-accounting browsers

Multi-accounting browsers, sometimes known as anti-detect browsers, spoof (substitute) the real digital fingerprint of the browser and device, replacing it with another regular fingerprint. Moreover, these browsers allow a user to work with multiple profiles, creating for them different digital fingerprints that do not overlap. This means that using a VPN service or a proxy server together with a multi-accounting browser ensures complete anonymity and prevents bans for using multiple accounts.

Octo Browser allows you to completely spoof all connection parameters that are tracked by websites and create a completely new and unique digital fingerprint, which will make you indistinguishable from other users. Using Octo Browser you can create hundreds of unrelated and untraceable accounts on one device and in one browser.

Another advantage of Octo Browser is that it is powered by Chromium, the same kernel that the most popular browser in the world, Google Chrome, uses. Octo Browser is as simple to use as the browser you’re currently using, and it offers high speeds of non-anonymous browsers.

Users requiring several profiles are best served by working with their own proxy servers bought separately from proxy server providers. Using a quality proxy server guarantees you absolute anonymity.


Anonymity today means not only data protection, but also a way to effectively conduct fine-tuned marketing and market research campaigns which require professional instruments, such as Octo Browser.

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