How to avoid getting Facebook and Instagram Ad accounts blocked

Reasons for blocking Facebook and Instagram ad accounts
META strives to give its users only a positive product experience, so it often restricts, tags or removes accounts with objectionable content and, of course, checks all Facebook and Instagram ads. Meta’s algorithms are very sensitive and advertisers are often blocked even if they are not advertising banned products or violating other site rules. We’ll tell you how to minimise the risks of being blocked and how to use Octo Browser to avoid most of the reasons for getting banned at the start of your ad campaign.

There can be many reasons for blocking an account, among them — user complaints, accumulated violations or auto-blocking with frequent changes of personal profiles in the same browser and even frequent changes of IP address and use of VPN. Blocking usually occurs due to several actions, but in the case of serious infringements, a single error will suffice.

Facebook ad account blocked

There are two types of ad account blocking:

  • Automatic: The blocking is initiated by a robot when any action is taken on the account.
  • Manual: The account is blocked by employees who notice an infringement, suspicious activity, complaints.

The most common reasons for automatic blocking are:

  • Differences in name on bank card and Facebook account;
  • Use of a foreign or blacklisted card;
  • Using a bank card from another country;
  • Unsuccessful attempts to charge the card;
  • Constantly switching accounts in the same browser;
  • Login to the account from different countries / cities (different IP address / VPN);
  • Dramatic increase in advertising costs;
  • Inactivity over a long period of time;
  • Adding people to the account with a banned account;
  • Hacked / brute-force account;
  • Advertising illegal content;
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Complaints about your advertising;
  • Use of previously blocked creatives;
  • Non-compliance of the page with the advertisement;
  • Use of illegal scripts on the page;
  • Redirecting a user to another site from yours;
  • Low customer satisfaction index.

Causes of manual account blocking:

Violation of Meta Platforms rules

We will not elaborate on blocking associated with the most obvious reasons — banned subject ads and low-quality, aggressive or misleading content referring to personal characteristics. However, we will note an important principle: the platform checks not only the ad creatives, but also where they lead, and you as the advertiser.

Rejected ads

Ads that have not passed moderation damage the reputation of the account and lead to its blocking. Be sure to remove rejected ads if you have not challenged their blocking, or have received a repeat rejection after a second moderation.

Your accounts' reputation

Check regularly the reputation of all your accounts in the ‘Account Quality' section of Business Manager. Keep an eye out for notifications about blocked ads: in Business Manager, mail or in Telegram’s emergency alerts.

Ads for different businesses from the same account

Do not use umbrella accounts! Meta Platforms rules require that a separate advertising account must be created for each advertiser, and you cannot change the advertiser in the account. Umbrella accounts are unfortunately almost impossible to unlock.

Octo Browser vs Meta: minimising blocking

Octo Browser can help you avoid bans or protect yourself from losing control over your Business Manager.

Octo Browser allows you to create profiles with a distinct browser fingerprint, indistinguishable from any other user. Your actions will not raise any suspicions with Facebook and Instagram blocking algorithms.

If your income is directly related to these platforms, the following Octo Browser functions will be extremely useful:
  • Teamwork: work with accounts from different devices and IP addresses without the threat of being banned for multi-accounting.
  • Human typing simulation: avoid attracting the attention of anti-fraud systems when copying logins and passwords.
  • Cookie Robot: automate the collection of cookies for your profiles.

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