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At present, the nutrition market is experiencing steady growth and development. Advertisers are embracing unique offers and exploring new GEOs, with webmasters eagerly testing them. This is particularly evident in low-cost Tier-3 countries, which have become a significant focus for many affiliate marketers.

From our perspective at Everad, things are looking quite stable: the volumes are on the rise, and our partners consistently share campaign success stories. MENA and Eastern Europe have secured their places among our leading regions, and we also see Latin America and Asia gaining traction.

In terms of global challenges, issues with traffic sources have become more common. It has become harder to pass moderation and find high-quality expendables for Facebook, Google, and other major platforms, prompting individuals to join teams or venture out looking for alternative traffic sources.

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General tendencies, GEO specifics, target audience

The primary trend for 2024 is the increasing complexity of launching campaigns from major sources. Facebook and Google are imposing more stringent requirements on webmasters, resulting in increased costs for staying anonymous and the promotion process in general.

This trend will persist in the coming year. With the US elections scheduled for the fall and a deteriorating global political landscape, we can expect further turbulence and possible online restrictions. It's advisable to prepare for this in advance by stocking up on accounts to navigate these potential challenges.

Launching successful campaigns and garnering traffic volumes from major sources in 2024 requires webmasters to form teams. As proven by experience, this collaborative approach makes launching ad accounts more manageable, alleviating the heightened load on individual webmasters.

In simplifying work processes, neural networks emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in the digital sphere in 2023. They can now be leveraged for generating landing pages, crafting unique creatives, or serving as assistants when brainstorming ideas.

Another noteworthy aspect concerning traffic sources is the shift away from using cookies. In 2024, major platforms plan to phase out the collection of user data, leading to the emergence of new targeting and promotion methods.

When selecting a GEO to align with your objectives in 2024, it's crucial to recognize that certain offers and approaches are relevant in developed countries, while others are suitable for developing nations. Consider the following when working with different regions:
  • Developed countries (the USA, Europe, some MENA countries). In these countries, offers tailored to senior citizens suffering from issues related to joints, blood vessels, eyesight, and hearing perform well. Strategies should emphasize informational content and relevant newsworthy events.
  • Developing countries (Latin America, Africa, Asia). For developing GEOs, offers in very popular categories like fighting parasites and skincare tend to perform better. When formulating a strategy, assess the level of Internet coverage and educational attainment: for regions where users have only recently gained Internet access, testing classic affiliate marketing funnels may prove effective.

At the same time, offers related to weight loss, beauty, and sexual health remain unparalleled. They consistently yield excellent results in most GEOs and remain the most stable categories in the niche.
At the same time, offers related to weight loss, beauty, and sexual health remain unparalleled.
It's also essential to note that the audience is becoming accustomed to classic nutra-promoting approaches. To enhance conversions, creating funnels with a cohesive narrative is crucial, ensuring that the creative material, landing page, and operator's call all align with a specific storyline. To successfully design such narratives, webmasters should stay on top of recent events and possess the ability to generate new infotrends on their own.

How to choose the right nutrition offer in 2024?

The choice of the offer is now more critical than ever, given the increasing competition even in Tier-3 countries, which makes finding stable converting offers ever more challenging.

We've put together a small checklist to aid you in making the right choice:
  • Freshness. Practice shows that new products on the nutra market tend to capture attention more effectively than time-tested offers. Make sure you test out new products and keep an eye out for emerging offers;
  • Uniqueness. An unconventional form factor or the incorporation of rare ingredients in an offer can attract attention and set the product apart from the rest;
  • GEO assessment. It's important to choose a region free of conflicts, pandemics, or natural disasters, as these occurrences can negatively impact campaign results. Such incidents are occurring more frequently, emphasizing the need for careful consideration;
  • Conditions. Before committing to an offer, make sure that you can cover your traffic costs with the conditions being offered. Additionally, evaluate the requirements for traffic sources, promotion methods, and the quality of traffic you’re expected to bring in.
How to choose the right nutrition offer in 2024?
When selecting an offer, consulting with Everad managers is highly recommended. They monitor the market daily and are well-versed in which offers are currently performing the best. An offer’s relevance and the advice provided by your manager should be the key factors in your offer selection process.

Tools You’ll Need to Promote Offers

In 2024, it's essential to use a multi-accounting anti-detect browser for effective promotions. Its technologies allow you to launch a large number of ads simultaneously and test out affiliate combinations and different creative approaches in new regions.

To manage different advertising accounts on the same device, you will also need to use proxies. Proxies allow you to work with various IP addresses and change the geographic location of accounts, providing more flexible management of advertising campaigns.

Why do you need a multi-accounting browser?

Major social platforms, like Facebook, actively fight against the creation of multiple accounts by a single user and currently employ effective methods to combat multi-accounting. They analyze the browser fingerprint of your device, including your screen resolution, operating system, installed fonts, and many other parameters, to create a unique digital trail for future identification. However, a multi-accounting browser solves this problem and lifts the restrictions on creating new accounts to gain additional traffic sources.

A multi-accounting anti-detect browser spoofs your real browser fingerprint, mimicking the behavior of real people, and provides additional functions that help maintain account anonymity. Creating additional accounts facilitates the faster launch of numerous advertising projects and connections simultaneously, which helps to identify the most effective campaigns and scale them to increase profits.

Naturally, there's always a chance that algorithms may track behavioral factors, subject the account to additional verification procedures, or block it. However, with a multi-accounting browser, affiliate marketing becomes significantly easier and safer, the main advantage being that it helps find and scale profitable combinations quicker.

Hiding the IP Address

Advertising platforms employ complex systems to detect suspicious activity, including accessing multiple accounts using the same IP address. Detection of such an anomaly can lead to a temporary or permanent block of all accounts associated with that IP address.
A proxy provides an additional level of anonymity for your accounts. Combined with a multi-accounting browser, they can fully mimic a user who visits the site from their own unique device.

There are various types of proxies, including datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies. Each is designed for specific tasks and is better suited for particular sites.
Affiliate marketers most commonly use residential proxies, which receive IP addresses from ISPs, and mobile proxies, which use dynamic IP addresses from mobile operators.

Why Octo Browser is the Best Multi-Accounting Browser for the Nutrition Vertical

In Octo Browser, you can create various virtual profiles with real browser fingerprints. The fingerprint spoofing in Octo Browser is performed at the browser kernel level, without leaking any information about your real system. This means you can manage thousands of accounts from one device, avoiding blocks for multi-accounting.
Octo Browser UI
Fingerprints and Updates
Octo Browser successfully passes checks by Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, and Whoer, which highlights the highest quality of fingerprint substitutions.

The Octo Browser Team releases browser updates regularly. Major updates include changes improving data security, introducing new features for multi-accounting, and shipping functionality requested through user feedback. Browser kernel updates are released a few days after a new Chromium version is released. You can find out why this is important here.
Octo is specifically designed for efficient and quick management of various workflows and is ideal for teamwork. Flexible settings allow assigning roles and managing access rights for each team member through a tagging system.
Octo offers extensive automation capabilities. You can create your own scripts and scenarios, as all browser actions are accessible via API. Additionally, detailed documentation is available, as well as ready-made scripts.
Browser Operation Stability
In their feedback, users often note the stable 24/7 operation of Octo Browser without crashes. Reliability and stability are important for all workflows, but are especially critical for large affiliate teams.
Technical Support Quality
The technical support team promptly resolves any issues, conducts additional tests, and actively interacts with engineers to solve complex problems.
User-Friendly Interface
The browser adheres to the simple UI concept. It maintains a workspace balance where all elements are easily understood even by a newcomer, at the same time providing a full set of tools for daily work and deep fingerprint customization for your tasks.

Octo Browser is perfectly suited for both solo affiliate marketers and teams of any size, offering modern and advanced anti-detect technologies for multi-accounting. In summary, Octo Browser provides a high level of security and convenience of operation, making it an attractive choice for successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

Will the nutrition vertical be profitable in 2024?

Nutrition has consistently remained one of the most stable vertical markets, and neither 2023 nor 2024 will change that. Despite a tense global environment, the beauty and health vertical is expected to remain in high demand. There's always a need for nutrition, health, and beauty products, which presents clear opportunities for monetization. The key here lies in the webmaster's knowledge of the niche and proficiency in advertising.

When selecting traffic sources, it's crucial to accurately assess your capabilities. Use only high-quality tools and expendables, create coherent stories for your funnels, pay attention to the relevance of your GEO, and seek advice from a manager when choosing an offer. With these considerations in mind, success is all but guaranteed, and Everad managers are always happy to help you drive traffic with high approval rates and launch ad campaigns with positive ROI!

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