Octo Browser 1.10: Selecting the OS version and macOS architecture, restoring previously deleted profiles, and user surveys

Octo Browser 1.10
Octo Browser ships new features that make spoofing more secure and your work more comfortable. Update 1.10 expands profile and browser fingerprint configuration options. We have also added multiple restoring of previously deleted profiles and other useful features, and a new way to run surveys will speed up user feedback and help make future releases even better.

Selecting the OS version and macOS architecture

Basic profile settings are now deeper and more flexible. You can choose your Windows and macOS version, or your MacBook processor architecture to make fingerprint spoofing even more secure. These parameters affect creating a profile, quick profiles, and templates.
Choosing macOS architecture and version in Octo Browser
Such fingerprint elements as fonts collections differ from one OS version to another. Likewise, possible GPUs also differ depending on the macOS version and architecture (Intel or ARM). Algorithms that check user accounts can detect such discrepancies in the browser fingerprint and flag them as abusing the rules or a possible threat to the platform, which in turn might lead to denial of access to the platform resources and bans. This is why fingerprint spoofing quality increases when profile fingerprint settings are thoroughly thought through and coincide with the user OS.

Octo Browser takes into account all possible parameter interrelations and uses only reliable fingerprint parameter settings. Once a profile is created, the OS version and architecture can't be changed. If a user changes the OS version or architecture, the browser will automatically update the User Agent field.

Restoring profiles from Trash

We heard the wishes of our users regarding working with Trash, and consequently expanded the functionality of restoring previously deleted profiles. Profiles are still kept in the Trash Bin for 48 hours, and you can restore a profile once per week for free as before; however, if you need to restore a profile more often, we have added a possibility to do so for the price of 1 token.
Restoring profiles from Trash

The Trash Bin is available to the Master Account, or any other user after the corresponding access rights in a team have been assigned.

Import cookie counter

The total number of found cookies is now displayed in the UI when importing files. This is useful for quickly checking the cookies and verifying their amount when cookie files have been acquired from third parties.
Import cookie counter

Notification about closing the browser

Have you ever closed Octo Browser by accident and lost a part of what you were doing? No more! We have added a notification window asking you to confirm closing the browser if it has running profiles.
Notification about closing the browser

User surveys

We have decided to run surveys right in the browser: this is a convenient way to send your feedback just in a couple of clicks. This new tool speeds up processing your feedback and suggestions and positively affects future updates.

In addition to internal surveys, you might receive invitations to take part in more detailed interviews on an external platform. We take choosing service platforms for such interviews very seriously, and we are not interested in collecting your personal data. Following such links is entirely safe.
Tell us what you think about Update 1.10 right in the browser! You can find the feedback form button in the bottom left corner. You can, of course, still leave your feedback and suggestions on how to make Octo Browser even better on our social media. Follow us to be the first to know about our news and updates!


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