The best local traffic sources

The best local traffic sources
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Local traffic sources are platforms for promoting offers that are popular in specific regions. Most of them have an active user audience concentrated in certain geographic zones, but there are also examples of successful expansion by local companies into the global market.

Local networks are particularly popular among solo affiliate marketers exploring new regions for promotion opportunities. In comparison with popular sources, such platforms have several advantages:
  • Low competition;
  • Affordable traffic costs;
  • Supportive moderation;
  • Stable volumes of high-quality traffic.

Dozens of local traffic sources are available on the market, but usually they can be found only after several hours of searching. For your convenience, the LuckyCenter team has prepared a list of top local traffic sources for Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Table of contents

Local Traffic Sources for Europe

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is an advertising platform that includes all search engines owned by Microsoft:
  • Bing: Microsoft's flagship search engine, previously known as MSN Search, Windows Live Search, and Live Search. Supports searching in more than 40 languages.
  • Yahoo!: The second most popular search engine globally. The platform allows promoting offers through search, contextual, mobile, and native advertising.

In 2009, Microsoft acquired Yahoo!, and now all search queries are executed through the Bing system. Yahoo! currently holds less than 2% of the market, attracting around 50 million users monthly and generating about 2 billion daily impressions.

Microsoft Advertising processes more than 38% of user search queries in the USA and registers approximately 7.2 billion queries worldwide each month. Ads launched in Microsoft Advertising will appear in the search results across all platform products.
Advantages of Microsoft Advertising
  • Large traffic volume: more than 60 million active users, with 85% being solvent Americans and Europeans.
  • Average click price on the market: the average cost per click for search ads ranges from $2 to $4.
  • Account transfer from Google Ads is available.
  • Detailed reports on launched ad campaigns.
  • The ability to choose ad placement locations: you can advertise offers on Bing, Yahoo!, or on both platforms simultaneously.


EasyPlatform is a popular advertising network specializing in traffic from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Macedonia. The service covers more than a thousand popular sites and facilitates effective promotion of offers in all major verticals using native ads.

EasyPlatform is connected to many sites with a broad audience, enabling webmasters to effectively promote offers in popular verticals. Settings of an ad campaign allow selecting only thematically appropriate platforms for showing ads. This ensures that ads are shown only to an audience interested in the offer.
EasyPlatform offers three advertising formats to choose from: native advertising, interactive ads, and banners.
Advantages of EasyPlatform
The service provides webmasters with numerous targeting and campaign management tools, including:
  • Detailed statistics: All stats are done in real-time. The service's statistics section algorithms ensure complete transparency of reports with the ability to filter by sites or blocks.
  • Free image gallery: The service offers free access to an image gallery that can be used to design creative materials.
  • Free built-in HTML5 ad editor: To create static and animated HTML5 ads, webmasters only need to upload their images or select suitable ones from the free gallery.
  • Interactive Rich-media HTML5 ads: To enhance the effectiveness of promotion, the service offers a unique ad format – interactive high-performance multimedia HTML5 ads.
  • Tracker for conversion and interaction tracking: The built-in tracker not only tracks clicks, but also monitors cursor hovering and ad scrolling.
  • Minimum cost per click: EasyPlatform users pay only for real clicks or impressions depending on the pricing model. The minimum budget top-up amount is €50. The cost per click may vary depending on the promotion region, but averages €0.05.


NativeO is a native ads network created by the MGID team (a global leader in native advertising), specializing in traffic from Europe. The platform provides access to a unique audience from verified Polish, Serbian, and Czech websites. NativeO stands out with its substantial volumes of high-quality traffic and ensures effective promotion in various popular verticals.

As a MGID product, the platform facilitates targeting with a variety of filters. Each new setting directly affects content lead generation, but at the same time, the cost per click increases. The average cost per click on the platform is $0.1-$0.14.
Advantages of NativeO
  • Innovative ad formats. Currently, the platform offers the following ad formats: push, native widgets (Sidebar, head, and under-article widgets), in-content widgets (within the text), smart widgets, classic banners, and video.
  • Manager support. A team of experienced specialists can assist in solving any issues that may arise during the campaign.
  • Large partner base. Thanks to MGID international experience, the service works with leading Polish and global publishers.
  • High optimization of ads. The variety of formats and their design comply with the best UX practices and can ensure the maximum adaptation of ads to websites.
  • Ability to work with native videos. The platform supports creating native videos and their playback on partner sites.

Midas Network

Midas Network
Midas Network is a Croatian native ads network with unique algorithms for targeting audiences and an extensive database of connected partners. Currently, the advertising network connects to more than 300 major sites, with a monthly audience of about 6 million users.

Currently, webmasters have access to two advertising formats: native ads and banners. The minimum cost per click starts at $0.05.
Advantages of Midas Network
  • Detailed targeting. Midas Network pixels provide high-quality optimization and audience segmentation, allowing webmasters to set up ad campaigns using detailed targeting parameters.
  • Real-time reports. Results are updated in real time, and detailed statistics allow for assessing not only the number of clicks and impressions, but also instantly affecting the cost of each action.
  • Easy campaign setup. You can launch an ad campaign on Midas Network in just a few minutes. Simply select a category of sites, upload your creative, and set a budget.
  • Native widgets. Ads launched through Midas Network fit organically into the site's content and do not irritate users.

Local Traffic Sources for Asia


Baidu is the most popular search network in China. The search engine is exclusively oriented towards the residents of the Eastern world. According to Statista, about 97% of all search queries come from China.

The platform allows working with the following types of ad campaigns:
  1. Contextual ad campaign. Baidu's contextual advertising takes the top positions in the search results, and the settings of ad campaigns are identical to Google Ads or Yandex.Direct.
  2. Banner and native ads on websites. Promotion is done through Baidu's contextual media network, which unites more than 600,000 partner sites with the possibility of contextually placing banners and native ads. When choosing promotion through partner sites, targeting is available based on age, region, gender, site themes, and keywords.

Baidu is considered an excellent source of traffic for the Asian market with one key peculiarity: launching an ad campaign there requires having a legal entity in China and an ICP license (a site identifier, confirming the legality of its goods and services). The platform is considered one of the most profitable channels for promotion in China. Depending on the placement format, getting started with Baidu ad campaigns requires the starting budget of $1500-3000.
Advantages of Baidu
  • Wide audience reach. The platform processes about 4.89% of the total volume of global search queries. Each year, about 700 million users utilize the search engine.
  • The possibility of advertising on several platforms. Webmasters who choose Baidu as a source of traffic will be able to promote their offers not only in the search network itself and on partner sites, but also on some platforms of the Baidu ecosystem: Zhidao (Q&A platform), Jingyan (Chinese version of Yandex.Zen), Tieba (equivalent to Reddit), Baijiahao (news aggregator), and Haokan (equivalent to TikTok).
  • Variability of ads. Baidu offers the possibility of placing ads in the feed and creating brand zones, which can increase the reach of the target audience of the offer.


WeChat (Weixin) is the most popular messenger in China. Initially conceived solely for messaging, it has evolved into an "All App" type of service. Today, WeChat allows not only messaging and file exchange, but also processes purchases and utility payments.

WeChat's functionality allows for message synchronization with Facebook and ???? (Twitter), which are banned in China. Similar to Baidu, launching ads on WeChat requires a legal entity license and a service account. The minimum deposit in the WeChat ad account is 1000 yuan ($150).

Advertisements themselves are published in the form of messages in users' chat lists.
Advantages of WeChat
  • Wide audience. The messenger is used by about 1.17 billion people monthly.
  • Active audience. About 1 billion users log into the app daily.
  • Paying audience. Approximately 68% of WeChat users are between 18-64 years.
  • The ability to target the Chinese audience from other regions. WeChat is actively used by the Chinese-speaking population not residing in China.


Line is a popular Japanese messenger with an audience of 250 million users. The app is used by more than 90% of the country's residents.

Line ranks ninth in the world by the number of users and fourth by revenue among messengers. The messenger counts more than 182 million active users worldwide each month. However, about 90% of its users live in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.
Advantages of Line
  • Unique advertising formats. The main ad formats of the service are banners and sticker packs, which serve as the platform's calling card.
  • The service has large volumes of target audience for most vertical markets. The main audience of the messenger is Japanese youth who are interested in European and American digital products.


AdvertNative is a native ads network that enjoys particular popularity in Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. The service uses smart algorithms to increase the effectiveness of ads and ensures efficient promotion of offers across all main affiliate marketing niches.

AdvertNative's functionality can identify the most profitable audience for your offer and prepare a profitable proposal in two main ad formats: native ads and banners. The average cost per click for an ad is about $0.08, and the minimum top-up amount is $100.
Advantages of AdvertNative
  • News showcase. AdvertNative gives webmasters the opportunity to launch ad campaigns on specially designed service blogs that act as a news showcase. This helps reach a broader audience and maximize user engagement.
  • Smart algorithms. Smart code maximizes the amount of traffic received while maintaining the cost per click.
  • Offer grouping. The platform offers a choice of several offer categories, differing in average click cost.
  • Full control over the ad campaign. AdvertNative provides webmasters with all the necessary tools for campaign management, allowing them to save budgets and use resources as efficiently as possible.


Dable is a major Asian advertising network with native ads and a lenient moderation system. The platform is one of the leaders on the Asian advertising market and offers the following ad formats:
  • Dable News. A news showcase whose functionality allows keeping users on the site longer, thereby increasing the likelihood of a target action being performed. The minimum cost per click is $0.01.
  • Dable Native Ad. Dable's native ads offer the opportunity to publish personalized ads that look like a part of the content of the largest media networks. The minimum cost per click is $0.09.

The platform offers the possibility of setting up detailed targeting based on interests, regions, platforms, media, time of day, etc. To minimize budget losses, the webmaster has access to real-time performance checks and a system to prevent repeat clicks. The optimization of ad campaigns is based on data obtained from Dable's internal tracker.

Advantages of Dable
  • Various content types. You can create, edit, and add content in real time, using formats that match the goals of the ad campaign.
  • Simple campaign management. The Dable UI is intuitively understandable and accessible even to a newcomer with minimal experience.
  • Automatic optimization. Performance scripts track the end target activity and automatically optimize media files, content, and time of day based on analysis.


YeahMobi is an Asian advertising network that collaborates with many major mobile app developers. The platform enables the attraction of large volumes of in-app traffic through teaser and video ads in apps. As a leading global mobile ad platform covering over 238 countries and regions, YeahMobi provides all the necessary tools for effectively attracting interested audiences worldwide.
Advantages of YeahMobi
  • Intelligent marketing platform. The advertising platform allows creating and optimizing campaigns, selecting the highest quality media, and customizing ad campaigns based on your marketing goals.
  • Global network platform for user traffic aggregation. YeahMobi is one of the world's largest in-app platforms with a global audience reach and fast access to quality traffic.
  • AI-based performance optimization. YeahMobi's algorithms can assess user behavior in apps and automatically categorize them into groups. AI training occurs in real-time.
  • Free built-in ad editor. The platform automatically evaluates the experience of webmasters and analyzes the data obtained from promotions, offering new advertising options.

Local Traffic Sources for Africa


EngageYa is a native ads network from North Africa, boasting around 40 billion impressions per month. The platform continually improves its algorithms, offering webmasters new opportunities for promoting offers and increasing volumes of engaged traffic. EngageYa is particularly suited for promoting beauty and health products using banners and native ads. The average cost per click is about $0.1.

Advantages of EngageYa
  • A rapidly growing company with a wide audience reach. Currently, the platform supports over 5000 sites with 40 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.
  • Detailed targeting. Targeting settings facilitate selecting the most relevant audience for offers across all key niches.
  • Support for 40 languages. EngageYa collaborates with publishers from over 100 countries, offering webmasters the opportunity to promote their offers in all major languages.
  • Risk-free payment model. Payment for clicks only occurs with a positive ROI.
  • Universal monitoring panel. Campaign control.
  • Transparent inter-network reporting. Thanks to unique widget settings, the webmaster has access to key statistical indicators.


Jubna is a native ads network based in the UAE, with 25 billion impressions per month. The platform is considered one of the fastest-growing advertising networks in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The primary advertising format available to webmasters is teasers. However, a wide range of settings allows achieving stable ad display performance indicators. The platform is particularly meticulous in selecting its partner sites, ensuring a high level of quality and significant traffic volumes for offers in all major niches.
Advantages of Jubna
  • Multi-level targeting. The ability to target by region, age, gender, device type, OS, and interests.
  • Internal account management service. The technology enables scaling and optimizing advertising campaigns with just two clicks after increasing the budget. The minimum top-up amount is $100.
  • Wide range of target actions. Lead, installation, visit, or order — whatever the goal, Jubna offers a solution.
  • Detailed reports. The data-rich interface allows studying detailed statistics for launched ad campaigns.
  • Zone Bidding. A unique tool for bid control. The platform's minimum click amount starts at $0.08.


Adfalcon is a popular African advertising network specializing in mobile traffic. The platform developers claim ownership of 95% of all African mobile traffic.
AdFalcon facilitates effective promotion of offers in all popular niches through an extensive mobile network and advertising in partner apps. The platform features an intelligent targeting mechanism for promotion. The parameters for configuring ad campaigns are aimed at maximizing the potential audience reach and increasing the likelihood of reaching the target audience. Currently, webmasters have access to static and video ads in partner mobile apps connected to AdFalcon. The average cost per click starts at $0.08-$0.1.
Advantages of AdFalcon
  • A leading network with a local focus. AdFalcon covers the most up-to-date and popular applications on the market, providing webmasters with large volumes of high-quality traffic.
  • Maximum return on investment. The platform reaches millions of users, allowing you to find the most interested audience ready to buy the offer.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting. AdFalcon's rich interface allows tracking your campaigns at any time. Using the dashboard, you can monitor expenses, CTR, average cost per click, and more.
  • A friendly agency. Since its foundation, AdFalcon has aimed to position itself as the number one company in the region and therefore treats the brand reputation and partnership models with special care.

Local Traffic Sources for Latin America


AdsMovil is the largest advertising network in Latin America, specializing in mobile traffic. It enables the acquisition of traffic not only from countries of the southern continent, but also allows interaction with Latin American residents living outside their home regions.

The platform collects and analyzes user experience, correlating it with extensive targeting settings based on behavior, location history, and actions. The platform's unique targeting algorithms are focused on finding and monetizing Latin American traffic based on language, age, gender, and region. For promotion on AdsMovil, webmasters have access to the following ad formats: Display, Video, Rich Media, and Native. The average cost for one ad display is approximately $0.1.
Advantages of AdsMovil
  • Fixed rate per thousand impressions. Instead of the traditional revenue-sharing model, the platform offers the option to set a fixed price per thousand impressions for each region.
  • Contextual data analytics to dynamically rotate creative materials based on the time of day, language, and specific day of the week.
  • Precise location detection and geotargeting. Advanced location detection algorithms allow displaying ads to all Spanish-speaking users and filtering the audience based on geolocation.


E-Planning is an advertising network offering a variety of formats, allowing for the effective acquisition of target traffic in Latin American countries. The platform provides all the necessary tools for successful offer promotion across all key affiliate marketing niches. Ad rotation operates on a real-time auction principle.

E-Planning positions itself as a platform offering stable volumes of high-quality traffic at the lowest price on the market. The average cost per click varies from $0.09 to $0.12. The unique feature of the ad network is that in addition to placing ads on partner websites and in apps, it also allows for the promotion of offers through Smart TV.

Currently, the service offers the following ad formats:
  • Banners.
  • Interstitial ads.
  • Full-screen takeover.
  • Native ads.
  • In-app video ads.
  • Game ads with rewards.
Advantages of E-Planning
  • Wide range of ad formats and placement options.
  • Advanced targeting. Detailed segmentation with additional targeting criteria.
  • Enhanced optimization. Real-time analysis of key data.
  • Personalized support. Support from a dedicated personal manager at all stages of the campaign.


GRUMFT is a popular Brazilian advertising network with over 200 connected websites, allowing for effective offer promotions in any affiliate marketing niche.

The platform regularly updates its functionality, adding new features, and improving the available ad formats. Currently, webmasters have access to classic banners, in-app advertising, and video ads. The average cost per click depends on the marketing niche and targeting settings, but typically starts at $0.08-0.1.
Advantages of GRUMFT
  • Optimization of ad campaigns. GRUMFT offers numerous tools aimed at increasing the likelihood of ad clicks. The platform regularly improves the loading speed of blocks on partner sites and within apps, tests new ad formats, and makes other technical adjustments to maximize the profits from ad campaigns.
  • Unique campaign settings. The advertising network provides a wide range of settings available to webmasters, including delayed ads, visibility assessment, and the ability to influence the bidding system.
  • Support at all stages of the ad campaign. GRUMFT's infrastructure is designed to quickly resolve issues that may arise during the campaign. Network managers are available 24/7.
  • Detailed analytics. GRUMFT conducts a detailed analysis of ad campaigns. If you work with large budgets and traffic volumes, a personal account manager will evaluate campaigns daily.
Local networks offer several advantages compared to large platforms. Thanks to a more lenient moderation, lower competition, and favorable prices, they create advantageous conditions for attracting audiences from various regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The platforms listed in our article can be an excellent source of traffic and a new direction for promoting your offers.

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