$1965 in profit: a case study from TrafficHunt and iMonetizeIt

Кейс с профитом $1965 от TrafficHunt и iMonetizeIt
iMonetizeIt: Affiliate network
TrafficHunt: Media buying team
The TrafficHunt Team shared with us a highly successful case of driving traffic from Facebook through PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications from iMonetizeIt affiliate network. This case brought the team a decent profit, and we at Octo Browser were happy to see our product used as a tool that helped the team achieve the desired profit, and today we are sharing this case with you.

Table of Contents:

Data and Figures

  • Affiliate network: iMonetizeIt
  • Multi-accounting browser: Octo Browser
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Vertical: XGames
  • Offers: WEB WAP AI Adult Game; WEB WAP FamilyAffairSexGame; WEB WAP SimSex Campaign
  • Period: 31/01/24 - 06/02/24
  • GEO: FR
  • Expenses: $2455
  • Conversions: 80
  • Income: $4420
  • Profit: $196
  • ROI: 80%
The media buying team tested an exclusive offer from the XGames vertical, AI Adult Game, for the France geo, and also tested other top offers, SimSex and FamilyAffairSexGame, for the same geo. All traffic was driven using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications from iMonetizeIt for XGames offers through Facebook.

PWA applications in iMonetizeIt appeared at the end of last year, and the TrafficHunt Team has already tested them on dating offers. Now they decided to try them in the gaming vertical. Previously, traffic was often driven through regular WebView, but this led to problems with bans and the need to constantly restart campaigns. PWA applications, on the other hand, have the advantage of avoiding bans.

PWA applications also already include not only links to offers, but also cloaking, analytics, TDS, postback, push notifications, and so on.


As part of the campaign preparation, the TrafficHunt Team needed only to make creatives for Facebook, while iMonetizeIt provided everything else. Creative materials with 18+ elements were used for this niche.

Using two flows, mainstream and 18+, allowed avoiding frequent account bans. After an account ban, it was possible to customize the banner and try uploading it again, which sometimes yielded positive results. In case of frequent account bans, it was possible to replace or rebuild the PWA application.
Нутра офферы продолжают оставаться вне конкуренции
iMonetizeIt provides a ready-made flow from PWA to offer, which allows achieving such a high ROI. Since iMonetizeIt develops its own PWAs, the TrafficHunt Team did not worry about push notifications, design, and payment for renting PWA services, focusing only on creatives, avoiding ad account bans, and targeting.

Initial Settings

To connect proxies to Facebook accounts and log into them to launch ad campaigns, the TrafficHunt Team used Octo Browser. Based on the test results, Octo Browser showed two main advantages: speed and browser processing power, which are among the most important factors when choosing the right multi-accounting tool.

TrafficHunt uses the Team subscription.
Нутра офферы продолжают оставаться вне конкуренции
TrafficHunt used multiple accounts to run the campaign: both “king”-type accounts and auto-registration accounts throughout the entire ad campaign, as the team conducted many tests in the beginning.

Virtual cards for Facebook were acquired from e.pn.

A “king”-type is a Facebook account with high trust level from the platform, used for scaling ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad Account Settings

After purchasing the necessary expendables and stocking up on creatives for future campaigns, the team configured Facebook ad accounts as follows:

  • Language: French
  • Audience: Men 25+, general
  • Devices: Mobile, Android 9+

  • Reg2pay: from $0.17 to $0.25
  • Click2reg FR: 24.29%
  • Reg2sale FR: 2.89%

This data reflects only the ad campaign performance in the FR geo, but TrafficHunt also ran the campaign in ES, UK, USA, IT. GEOs for which good results can be currently expected can be obtained from an affiliate network manager.


The overall case stats are as follows:

Нутра офферы продолжают оставаться вне конкуренции
In total, over 7 days, the best result was achieved with the exclusive offer from IMI WEB WAP AI Adult Game, which attracted 4652 clicks that converted into 753 registrations. The WEB WAP FamilyAffairSexGame offer got 1792 clicks and 420 registrations. The WEB WAP SimSex offer only generated 95 clicks and 12 registrations.

A total of $2455 was spent, including expendables such as cards, accounts, proxies, and ad purchases. Taking optimization into account, the campaign yielded $4420.

Thus, the net profit from the campaign was $1965 (80% ROI). As this case shows, PWA applications perform as well as WebView, additionally proving to be significantly more stable.

TrafficHunt recommends communicating with your affiliate network account manager regularly, as they can help find the right solution and provide answers to any questions you might have.

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