Octo Browser Survey: What are the most important affiliate marketing trends for 2023?

Octo Browser Survey
The Octo Browser Team is conducting a survey covering the main trends in affiliate marketing for 2023. At the beginning of the year many resources and outlets published their forecasts about possible trends in content, tools, and analytics in this sphere. We have collected the most common predictions, and would like to ask you which tendencies you think are the most relevant and probable. Our goal is to collect the opinion of practicing professionals and compare it to the forecasts by media and bloggers.

What is the future for affiliate programs in the Metaverse? What about cryptocurrencies? And what kind of content will attract the most leads? Let us know what you think!
If you’re new to Octo Browser and would like to try it out, we have a gift promo code for 10 days of Base Subscription just for the survey participants that you will find at the end of the survey.

If you already use Octo Browser, leave your account email at the end of the survey to take part in a lottery with a chance to win 1 of 10 promo codes worth +5 days to your current subscription. Survey participants that already use Octo Browser will receive a lottery number by email, out of which we will randomly choose 10 winners. The survey will be available until February 26.
The survey results will be posted in our blog. The lottery results will be published on our Instagram on February, 28.

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