How to Run Multiple Discord Accounts

Your digital fingerprint: what it is and how it is used to deanonymize you.
Discord is a messenger popular among gaming communities. It's convenient not just for messaging, but also for audio and video calls. It also integrates well with Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit, so it's understandable that some users want more than one Discord account. In this article we'll discuss whether it's legal to have multiple accounts, explain how to register them, and share four methods of multi-accounting on Discord.


Can I have multiple Discord accounts?

Discord policies do not explicitly prohibit having multiple accounts. You will need separate email addresses and phone numbers to create several accounts. However, Discord may still block accounts if there are too many of them. This is how the platform protects itself from spam.

How to manage multiple Discord accounts

Discord allows logging into five accounts and switching between them without having to log out. If you need more than five accounts, try one of the ways below.

Use a browser and the desktop app

Download the Discord app onto your device and log into five accounts. To increase the number of Discord accounts, open any browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, and log into the rest. This method is simple, but it may be inconvenient to use two applications simultaneously.

Use app cloner for multiple accounts on a mobile device

You can clone Discord apps using dedicated services like App Cloner or Parallel Space on Android and iOS. The downside is that they run in the background and drain your phone battery quickly. The security of cloners can be questionable, so check them for viruses and read reviews before installing. Also, keep in mind that using such software increases the risk of having your accounts banned on Discord.

Use Discord Canary + Discord PTB

Discord comes in three distributions: the main one, Canary (alpha), and PTB (beta). If there is enough space on your device, you can install them all and manage up to 15 accounts simultaneously. However, the downside of this multi-accounting method is that the alpha and beta versions of Discord can be unstable and may contain bugs.

Use a multi-accounting browser

Managing more than 15 Discord accounts is convenient using a multi-accounting anti-detect browser, such as Octo. This software includes additional features for multi-accounting. For example, you can name profiles, group them by tags, set proxies, and share them with other team members.

But the main difference of a multi-accounting browser from a regular one is that it maintains user anonymity. The software alters the fingerprint, a set of device parameters using which websites identify visitors. In Octo, you can create as many virtual profiles as you need. Each will have its own digital fingerprint, and websites will see each of your profiles as a separate user.

How to run multiple Discord accounts with a multi-accounting browser

Using Octo as our example, let’s create multiple Discord accounts and manage them using an anti-detect browser.

  1. Create an account. Enter an email to which you have access, your Telegram handle, and create a password. Check your email, open the message from Octo, and complete the verification.
  2. Download Octo. It is available for Windows, macOS (M1, M2, Intel), and Linux (beta). Install the necessary version and log into your account. After this, purchase a subscription using a card or cryptocurrency.
  3. Create a profile using "Quick Profile" or "Create Profile."
The first method creates a profile with a random fingerprint using the same operating system version as your device. If you want to change the OS, click on the OS icon before creating the profile.

The second option allows you to select profile parameters manually. In the Basic Settings, enter a profile name and description, add an icon, tag, start page, and bookmarks. After that, click on "Create Profile."
We recommend against changing the default general and hardware settings: they are selected to ensure maximum compatibility between different fingerprint parameters. By altering some of them you may compromise the integrity of the digital fingerprint. This could trigger suspicions from anti-fraud systems, potentially leading to bans of your Discord accounts.
4. Assign a proxy to the profile. Go to the "Profiles" tab and click on the "Direct" label. Select “Set a new proxy" and fill in the data. To save the proxy, activate the "Save to the Proxy Manager" checkbox and enter a name. Check the connection and click "Confirm."
5. Add cookies. Make sure that keeping cookies is enabled in the Storages Settings. Then go to the "Profiles" tab, click on the three dots icon of the profile, and select "Import Cookies."
Drag and drop a .txt or .json file or copy and paste the data. Click “Confirm.”
If you are creating a new Discord account, do some preparation work beforehand. Click on the three dots icon and then on “Cookie Robot.” Add links to the websites the Robot should visit, then click “Confirm.”
The Robot works in headless mode, so you won’t see tabs opening on your screen. Once the Robot is done, the status will change from “Auto” to “Start.” If you need to stop the Robot before it is done, click on “Auto.”
6. Launch the profile. Click “Start” and a new browser window will open. Go to Discord and log in or create a new account. Repeat this process with other profiles.


To create multiple accounts on Discord, you'll need separate email addresses and phone numbers. Managing multiple accounts can be done in various ways: for instance, you can log into Discord using different applications. However, if you want to manage more than 15 accounts, it's better to use the multi-account browser Octo. It allows you to create an unlimited number of Discord accounts, import cookies, add proxies, and sort profiles using tags.


Can I have multiple Discord accounts?
Yes, you can have multiple Discord accounts. You can run a limited number of them directly in the app or use a multi-accounting browser like Octo. Octo Browser allows you to create an unlimited number of Discord accounts and saves time on their management.
Can I have two Discord accounts with the same email?
No, each Discord account needs to have its own email address and phone number. This protects the platform from spammers.
Is running multiple Discord accounts legal?
Yes, Discord's terms of service do not prohibit having multiple accounts. However, if you abuse the platform, your accounts may be banned.

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