Traders’ advice: how can a multi-accounting browser help you earn more in the crypto industry?

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Bitcoin appeared 14 years ago. In the meantime, cryptocurrencies have come a long way from an unclear technology to becoming an accessible way of generating income. According to a Binance Research study, 52% of crypto investors think of crypto as their regular income source and not a hobby, while for 15%, it is their main income source. How do traders profit with crypto and how can antidetect multi-accounting browsers help them? Let’s investigate with the help of the crypto community.

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Possible issues with crypto platforms

The blockchain market keeps growing steadily, as does the number of issues that traders might face. Below you will find a list of common complications when working with crypto currencies.

Tough moderation

A platform might ask for a government-issued ID and take a picture of you. First of all, this information is necessary for cases when you forget your password and need to reset it. Secondly, if an exchange platform stores keys, it needs to know whose data it protects. Finally, a platform might enforce specific rules and restrictions on citizens of particular states: e.g., in 2022 Binance banned Russian citizens with more than 10,000 EUR in their crypto accounts from conducting financial operations.

Data leaks

This threat directly follows from the previous point. While an exchange platform stores data about you, there's always a risk of a leak. The most common causes are:
  • hacks;
  • state agencies asking for crypto wallet holders' data;
  • unscrupulous platform employees are attempting to sell their clients' data.

Key theft

Crypto wallets have two types of keys: public and private. The first is used to transfer crypto currency, and the second is for managing your assets. If you use an unsecure connection while transferring funds, your password might get leaked and your assets might be stolen.

Limits on the number of accounts

Exchanges typically allow you to create only one wallet. The reasoning is usually like this: if you want to hide something, there’s something suspicious about you, and you might be dangerous to other clients or the service itself. If a platform detects the same fingerprints and starts thinking that you operate several profiles because of that, it will ban them all.
The digital fingerprint is a combination of data regarding the device used to access a website. The IP address, OS version, screen resolution, timezone, languages, fonts — all this data will be collected by platforms and used as a unique identifier to track your device.
Crypto enthusiasts eagerly confirm this:
  • Undercover crypto enthusiast
    — I started with playing PvU. At that time I didn’t know anything about multi-accounting. The other guys were farming hard and spent hours watering plants, and I had only one. I started to dig deeper and learned that I needed to buy phone numbers for social media registration, proxies, create many Twitter and Discord accounts It was hard in the beginning for me. Then a channel describing a PvU abuse scheme came up, and I understood that what I needed was a multi-accounting browser.
  • Stealthy crypto lover
    — The main problem while working with crypto were geolocation-based sanctions and platform-wide bans.

How can multi-accounting help you earn more with crypto?

You can earn with crypto in several ways:

  1. CoinList and Glam. These services offer you a chance to win coins of new currencies. In several months their price might increase by tens of thousands of times.
  2. Coin Boosting. By promoting your crypto in search engines, you increase its price. Automated search queries are often used for this.
  3. Minting, or acquiring, an NFT. A random token is bought for a price of a mint. You can end up with anything: from something worth virtually nothing to a rare and expensive NFT.
  4. Whitelists. You will need a wallet that is included in list of the wallets getting coins, bonuses, and mints. In other words, your job is to find a way to enter a private club. To get on such a list, people usually follow crypto projects’ social media, post in relevant chats, participate in promotions, draw project-related art, or invite friends. You can get onto the whitelist and receive your tokens by completing these tasks . After that you can sell them at a significant profit, or sell your profile altogether.
  5. Airdrops. This means distributing tokens or coins in exchange for verification and subscribing to social networks or the mailing list of a new project. The idea is that you get crypto for free, provided you meet certain conditions.
  6. Testnets. New projects often ask users to test them using their NFTs or tokens, or otherwise offering discounts. Usually this takes several to a few dozenminutes. If you find any major bugs, you can count on a significant reward; more importantly, running testnets means a trader is not risking their funds.

All these methods have one thing in common: they are used by many people, and you need a generous amount of luck to win an expensive NFT or new coins. However, your chances grow exponentially if you create one hundred accounts instead of just one.

Commented by an undisclosed crypto trading squad:
  • Anonymous crypto squad
    — When projects started to detect IP addresses and ban abusers, we decided to start using a multi-accounting browser. Using several accountsIt helped us t iparticipate n retro drops and other profitable activities. We created wallets for separate profiles, making tracking and using them more manageable.

How can an antidetect browser help you earn more with crypto?

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Antidetect browsers spoof (change) your digital fingerprint and create unique fingerprints for each browser instance, profile, or tab. Crypto platforms view these instances as separate and distinct users. It helps you to:

  • Control dozens or hundreds of accounts on platforms like CoinList. Create many accounts and increase your token sale and investment profits.

  • Automate work processes. You can manually configure target action automation, and a robot will follow the necessary social media and post in chats for you. You can also automate search queries related to your crypto. This will help you save time, and your crypto prices and your chances of making it into whitelists will grow exponentially.
Here’s how a crypto freelancer uses these opportunities:
  • Stealthy crypto lover
    — When the NFT whitelist era started, my antidetect browser saved my hide in the race of inviting friends. Then the first primitive bots that posted to Discord appeared. I used to run a dozen of them in a channel and then sold my accounts.
  • Minimize ban risks. Carefully configure your profiles to minimize the risk of cross-identification and bans of your accounts.

  • Avoid antifraud systems. Top-quality fingerprint spoofing will secure your assets. Platforms won’t realize that wallets belong to the same person, thus allowing you to perform any currency operations you need.

  • Protect your data. When you change your digital fingerprint, you hide information about yourself and protect yourself from hackers

  • Protect yourself from IP-address-based attacks. To do so, you must purchase a separate trusted proxy and use it to access sensitive platforms. Consequently, they won’t be able to learn your actual IP address and won’t be able to block it.
We firmly advise against using free proxies: their addresses are well-known by websites and thus are frequently and quickly banned. Moreover, they are not secure. We advise choosing only a trusted proxy partner from our curated list.
How else can an antidetect multi-accounting browser help in your work with cryptocurrencies? Here’s what undisclosed crypto squad has to say:
  • Anonymous crypto squad
    — We rely on multi-accounting and fingerprint randomization heavily. We create accounts quickly and use tags with them. We simply export and import profiles when we need to sell or transfer them. The Cookie Robot saves our time and resources on getting platforms and coinlists ready for action. We are happy to share one Octo Browser account as a team.

Choosing an antidetect multi-accounting browser

Here is a list of advice to help you choose a service that will help you securely grow your cryptocurrency income:

1. Anonymity

Websites are becoming better at noticing the use of antidetect browsers. If this happens, you will be banned, and your assets will be lost. Unlike similar browsers on the market, Octo Browser spoofs digital fingerprints in the browser kernel itself, guaranteeingthat a crypto platform won’t be able to cross-identify your separate accounts and won’t link them. What’s more, Octo Browser successfully passes checks by Pixelscan, CreepJS and other checkers, which is essential for dealing with platforms equipped with advanced fingerprint identification technologies.

2. A comfortable UI

Multi-accounting browsers are meant to save resources, not waste them on tediously setting up accounts. Before purchasing a long-term multi-accounting browser subscription, read the reviews, or try it out for a shorter term. Octo Browser lets you create ready to work profiles in one click, so you can start earning instantly.

3. Profile quality

The more parameters you can configure, the more precise your profile fine-tuning will be, and, consequently, the lesser the ban risks. Octo Browser allows you to configure 50 digital fingerprint parameters, use human typing simulation, and monitor the last 100 actions with a profile.

4. Technical support

It’s important to have someone to ask for help, especially in the first few weeks while you are still learning the ropes of a new browser. Make sure to know how quickly and competently the technical support of a browser can resolve potential issues, and what are the ways to reach it. If you have any questions regarding Octo Browser, its Technical Support is always there for you and can connect to your browser remotely to set it up correctly.

5. Security

According to Surfshark, personal data was leaked 2.6 times more in the second quarter of 2023 than in the first. Make sure that your multi-accounting browser is secure. Find out how the service protects your data and whether it has suffered any recent data leaks. Octo Browser stores critical information in separate storages, which means that even an unlikely event of an account database leak will not lead to a cookies’ leak, and vice versa.
An antidetect multi-accounting browser helps crypto investors increase their profits dozens of times, saves their resources, and protects them from bans, hacks, or deanonymizing. The only thing you need to do is to choose a high-quality service and set it up correctly. Finally, we leave you with this advice from an experienced trader:
  • Undercover crypto enthusiast
    — Do not bother buying trading “signals” or p2p bundles. If you could earn with them, they would not be offered to strangers in private messages. Be ready to incur certain losses and take them as a learning experience. At some point you will reach the level when it isn’t possible for you to make a mistake.

Frequently asked questions

What does “abuse” mean in the context of crypto?
Abuse here means a way to trick the system exploiting its perks. Abusing in the crypto industry often means repeating the same actions: e.g., creating accounts or posting in chats to get more money.
What is PvU?
Plant Vs Undead (PvU) is a play-to-earn game based on the famous Plants vs Zombies. Players water plants and take care of them receiving PvU tokens in return, which can be exchanged into crypto currencies or fiat.
How is a retrodrop different from an airdrop?
A retrodrop is, as it were, an airdrop subspecies. Participants complete tasks set by projects and receive coins in return. The retrodrop system rewards early users, and it is not known beforehand whether a drop will happen; the participants learn about it afterwards. This is what the “retro” part in “retrodrop” means.

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