How to unblock Google Ads accounts: a guide by Banana Traff

Farming Google Ads accounts: a step-by-step guide by Banana Traff
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The major problems that you might encounter when farming accounts are their suspensions, bans, or blocking of a Google Ads. We at Banana Traff know how to work with that, and we would like to share our expertise on how to lift account bans.

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Blocked Google accounts

A “disapproval” means blocking the entire account, after which you cannot access it. In this case we submit an appeal claiming that we have not violated platform rules. On average accounts are unblocked 2-3 days after an appeal is submitted.
A blocked Google account.

Let’s see how we appeal.

First, try to log into the account.
You can ask to be verified using the phone number with an SMS activator. If you decide not to do this, go directly to the next step.
Phone number verification.
Use backup codes to logging in. Always make and keep backup codes, you will need to recover access to accounts if you work in account farming.
You can use ChatGPT to write an appeal for you. Mention that you have not violated the platform rules and you want your account unblocked. In the end provide a backup email to which Google will send their reply, usually in 1-2 days. After this time check if you can log into your account again, if it doesn’t work, write the second appeal.

We recommend the following sequence of steps to unblock Google accounts:
  • First appeal.
  • Wait 1-2 days for the result.
  • Second appeal.
  • Wait 1-2 days for the result.
  • If it didn’t help, wait for 1 week.
  • Write the third and last appeal.
  • Wait 1-2 days for the result.
  • If this didn’t help, forget about the account, it is dead.

Suspensions of Google Ads accounts

The next ban type is a suspension of a Google Ads account. This happens if Google suspects that you’re violating the platform rules and wants to prevent you from running ads.

There is nothing catastrophic in a Google Ads ban; in fact, it can even be an advantage, because if you are able to lift the ban, the account reputation will be higher, as Google puts more trust in unblocked user profiles. If you have successfully passed one or several checks, you will be able to run much larger ad volumes. This is why such accounts are so highly valued.

Send an appeal claiming that you do not think that you have broken any platform rules and ask Google to unblock you. This appeal should be maximally unique, so that Google thinks that you are a real revenue-generating client who was blocked by mistake.

A Google Ads account ban.

A Google Ads account ban.

A Google Ads account ban/suspension usually happens due to the following reasons:
  • Suspicious payments. This is the most common reason for suspensions and bans. Often happens after you’ve launched your first campaign with a fresh link and an unacceptable/fraudulent traffic nature.
  • Using an old card that was linked to another Ads account before.
  • Using a card from a country that’s different from account geolocation.
  • Mistakes in data.
  • Topping up Google Ads with large amounts of money. We recommend against topping up fresh accounts with more than $100.
  • Checking if the bank account actually belongs to you.

Such accounts are normally unblocked after appealing.
Bans for trying to bypass anti-fraud systems (attempting to trick Google algorithms, content/ad spoofing) and suspicious business accounts can result from:

  • Promoting banned topics;
  • Promoting goods whose ads have received a lot of complaints;
  • Cloaking;
  • User complaints;
  • Previously used domain names that were indexed to another account by Google;
  • Tilda-based websites;
  • Suspicious scripts/code on websites;
  • Promoting a website that has received many ad complaints;
  • Shock content.

Being suspected of fraud results in the most stringent ban type, and the chances of lifting the ban are low, even though we still recommend appealing even in these cases.

Bans for suspicious payments

Let’s examine an instance of a ban. You have received a message telling you that your account has been suspended due to suspicious payments. When logging into Google Ads you will see the ban notification. Click on it in the top right corner.
A ban for suspicious payments.
Let’s start the appeal.
Appealing a suspicious payments ban.
Choose the corresponding Ads Accounts. Don’t forget to check the ID, as you can have more than one account.
Choose the corresponding Ads Accounts.
  1. Paste the website you’ve been using. If you were using a cloak website, put it into the moderation mode, or make it display the white page only. If you’ve been using Google UAC, use the corresponding link.
  2. Provide tags that you were using in the ad campaign. If you didn’t use tags, create them now. They need to reflect the ad campaign topic.
Go to the Payments section.
Configuring payments.
Fill in the address: Street → ZIP code → City.
Configuring the payment profile.
Choose the country of your payment system.
Specify the payment system country when appealing.
Tick the agreement checkboxes.
Tick the agreement checkboxes.
Respond with “I am paying for ads myself” to the question “Who is paying for the ad campaign?”
Selecting payment method.
  • Select the payment method: a credit card or a bank account (IBAN).
  • In the “last payment” field provide the current date.
In the “last payment” field provide the current date.
  • Choose the country where you would like to display your ads (in the ad campaign settings).
  • Add a description of your activities.
  • Tick the checkbox to receive the appeal response by email.
Write your appeal in the language of your account specifying that you have not violated any of the platform rules.

When you write your appeal, try to sound like a real user bringing Google revenues. Mention that you were blocked by mistake and that you would like to continue using Google Ads services. However, keep in mind that your appeals should be unique. You can use ChatGPT to generate appeals for you, as it will save you time.
The checklist for the appeal:
  • Explain the misunderstanding. Explain the reason you believe the account was suspended and claim that you did not intend to break the rules, and, quite likely, there has been an incorrect interpretation of your actions.
  • Claim previous successes with ad campaigns. Mention that you have worked responsibly before and always abided by the rules while running previous campaigns.
  • Changing the business model. In case you’ve changed your business model or your approach to ads, explain this in your appeal. Mention that you have made the necessary corrections and would like to continue using Google Ads to promote your business.
  • Plans for the future. Describe your plans for the future use of Google Ads and stress that you are ready to comply with the rules. Show that you understand the seriousness of the situation and that you are ready to correct your past mistakes.
  • Proof. If you have any proof that your account was suspended or blocked incorrectly, use it in your appeal. This can come in the form of screenshots, conversations with Google Ads support, etc.
Write your appeal to Google Ads.
Here’s an example of an appeal:
I, {your name}, am writing this message regarding my Google Ads account being suspended. I believe that this was done by mistake, as I have not broken any rules of the platform.

I have used Google Ads for some time now and I have always followed the rules of the platform. I have never posted harmful content, violated copyrights, or committed actions that could harm Google Ads users. This is why I find it extremely perplexing that my account has been suspended.

I would also like to mention additional information that I hope will be useful for your consideration of the decision to lift the suspension from my account:

  1. I have never used automated systems or bots to create or run my account.
  2. I have never tried to break the Google Ads Terms and Conditions.
  3. I have never infringed on anyone’s copyright or rights to intellectual property.
  4. I have never committed fraud, created fraudulent accounts, or used stolen content.
  5. I have openly communicated with Google Ads Support and developed my ad campaigns in accordance with Google Ads guidelines and rules.
I sincerely hope that you will consider the above mentioned facts and lift the suspension from my account. I highly value the opportunity to work with Google Ads, and I am ready to commit extra effort in order to make sure that such situations do not arise in the future. If you need any additional information regarding my account, I would be more than happy to provide it.
Appealing a suspicious payment suspension.
Take the captcha and send the appeal.

Suspension for an unpaid bill

In this case firstly check if there is, in fact, an outstanding bill.
Suspension for an unpaid bill.
As you can see, this account does not have outstanding bills, and our balance is 10 EUR. However, if we saw another figure under Saldo Actua lower than the issued invoice, it would constitute a case for writing an appeal.
Check if there is, in fact, an outstanding bill.
If, in fact, you have an unsettled bill that is higher than indicated in the transaction, the bank might decline it. First, settle the bill, and then send your appeal.

This is the most important information about reasons for blocks, bans, and suspensions, and ways to appeal them. And don’t forget, our courses on affiliate marketing are about to start; among other things, we will talk about different cases of account bans and suspensions.

And now for a nice surprise for all those who have read until this point! Using the Octobanana23 promo code, new users can claim a 20% discount on Banana Traff accounts. And if you are interested in learning more about account farming, our team will soon start courses in affiliate marketing, and we will love to see you join. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Banana Traff. We are there for you!

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