Update 1.11: Improvements and tweaks to the technical aspect of Octo Browser

Octo Browser 1.11
We have released the technical update 1.11, which improves the anti-detection performance of the browser.

In the latest version of Octo Browser, you'll find:
  • improved overall browser performance;
  • improved synchronization when working via API;
  • minor bug fixes;
  • enhanced protection of your profiles against identification.

Technical releases ensure the stable operation of the browser and the security of your data. Although not all changes are immediately visible, they enhance the product's reliability and make Octo Browser the highest-quality anti-detect multi-accounting browser on the market.

Share your feedback and suggestions for improving Octo Browser on our social media, Telegram channel, or using the feedback form in the browser. Follow us to be the first to know about our news and updates!


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