Octo Browser 1.14: Mass profile import

Octo Browser 1.12: Discounts on subscription upgrades and improved WebRTC configuration
With the latest Update 1.14, importing profiles has become more convenient! Now you can add the contents of profile files in text format and import up to 100 profiles at once. Additionally, we have optimized profile launching and synchronization, and fixed minor issues to provide a smoother and more efficient Octo Browser experience.

What’s new:

  • Improved profile import functionality. Added a field for mass profile import in text format. Up to 100 profiles can be imported at once.
Improved profile import functionality

Major fixes:

  • Fixed the issue preventing the launch of an imported profile.
  • During mass profile stoppage, open tabs are now saved correctly.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the profile status during mass profile launch.
  • Fixed the issue causing the browser to freeze when changing the account password.
  • The proxy list is now updated after mass deletion of saved proxies.
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