How to Manage Multiple Reddit Accounts

Your digital fingerprint: what it is and how it is used to deanonymize you.
According to a HubSpot study, 82% of Generation Z people trust Reddit reviews. Therefore, business owners strive to create many positive comments about their products using multi-accounting. Although the platform does not prohibit creating multiple accounts, it bans vote manipulation. If an account is linked to other pages, all connected accounts may be blocked. How does Reddit link accounts? Can you protect yourself and your accounts against bans? How to safely manage multiple accounts? Find all the answers below.


Can You Have Multiple Accounts on Reddit?

The platform's rules allow running multiple accounts. You can register them using the same email address. However, violating Reddit’s rules can result in an IP address-based ban. One key restriction is that Reddit prohibits karma manipulation through multi-accounting.
Karma is a user rating system of sorts that shows user engagement in the community. It depends on how other redditors rate your posts and comments, upvoting or downvoting them. Users with high karma can become moderators or participate in exclusive subreddits, and other visitors trust them more. Therefore, many redditors strive to boost their platform rating, including by creating multiple accounts and using them to upvote their own posts.

Managing Multiple Reddit Accounts

The web version and desktop application do not allow simultaneous login to multiple accounts; this feature is only available in the mobile app. To do this, you need to:
  1. Click on the account picture.
  2. Select “Settings.”
3. Click on “Account Settings.”
4. Select “Switch accounts.”
Какая информация содержится в отпечатке браузера?
5. Click “Add account.”
Какая информация содержится в отпечатке браузера?
6. Log into another account.

On a desktop, you will have to log out of the current account and log into another one each time you want to switch them. This is inconvenient and time-consuming and can be bypassed in two ways:
  1. Use different browsers. If you have Chrome and Safari installed on your device, you can log into different accounts using them both.
  2. Register multiple Google accounts. You can then create a separate Reddit page for each account.
Both methods have a significant drawback: even if you register accounts using separate emails, the platform can still figure out that they belong to the same person. This is not an issue as long as you follow the rules. However, if you break them or one of your pages is banned by mistake, other linked accounts will also be blocked.

Avoiding Bans when Multi-Accounting on Reddit

Besides login credentials, such as email addresses, the platform identifies users by their IP address and digital fingerprint. These parameters are also used to link all accounts belonging to the same person. Therefore, to avoid having all your pages banned, you need to change your IP address and fingerprint.

Change the IP Address

You can change your IP address in the following ways:
  • By switching connections: since the device's IP address depends on the ISP, you can connect to one account via your home Wi-Fi and to another via mobile Internet.
  • By using a proxy server: a proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the website. It directs the traffic through itself or creates a channel through which messages are transmitted between you and the online resource. Reddit sees the proxy's IP address instead of yours.
  • By using a VPN: a virtual private network routes the traffic and replaces your IP address with its own. It transmits all data using an encrypted channel to protect information from third parties: fraudsters, ISPs, and network administrators.

Change the Fingerprint

A digital fingerprint is a set of device and browser parameters that websites use to identify visitors. The fingerprint includes hardware and general information like RAM size, disk space, GPU model, languages, geolocation, timezone, and the type and version of the operating system.

Anti-fraud systems analyze about 50 device parameters. Each parameter by itself is common among millions of users, but together they occur much less frequently. This allows anti-fraud systems to identify website visitors in 94% of cases.

You cannot disable sharing your device parameters as you disable cookies. You can change some individual settings manually: e.g., languages, timezone, and fonts. However, technical characteristics (e.g., RAM size, storage volume, and GPU) can only be changed by switching to different hardware.

To make each of your Reddit accounts look like a separate user, you can use different devices for each of them, such as a laptop, smartphone, computer, and tablet. Each has its own digital fingerprint, so combined with proxies, they will protect you from mass bans.

However, buying separate gadgets to run a large number of accounts is not cost-effective. It's cheaper and more convenient to use an anti-detect browser like Octo Browser. This software replaces the user's digital fingerprint with another one collected from a real device. You can create as many virtual profiles as you want, and each will look like a separate person because it will have its own fingerprint. This way, you can register multiple Reddit accounts without the risk of bans.

How to Manage Multiple Reddit Accounts Using an Anti-Detect Browser

We'll show you how to manage multiple accounts using Octo Browser as an example.

Sign up and download the browser. Purchase an Octo subscription using a card or cryptocurrency.

Create Profiles

Octo Browser offers four ways to create virtual profiles:

  1. Quick Profile
Click the "Quick Profile" button and the browser will create a profile with a randomly selected digital fingerprint. The operating system will remain the same as on your device. We recommend not changing it since the fingerprint will then be trusted more by anti-fraud systems.

2. Create Profile

The "Create Profile" button allows detailed customization of the profile and spoofing of the fingerprint parameters. You can name a profile, add its description and an icon, set a start page and bookmarks in the "General" section.
In the "Fingerprint" tab, you can select the OS version, screen resolution, and fonts. It's best not to change the user agent and the operating system, and to leave the geolocation, timezone, and languages based on the IP address. This way, the fingerprint will look more trustworthy to anti-fraud systems.
The "Hardware" subsection controls the number of CPU cores, RAM size, GPU model, and the number of media devices. Here you can enable or disable hardware noise spoofing. However, we recommend against changing these settings unless strictly necessary.
Apart from standard settings, Octo Browser offers a unique feature: password-protected profiles. In the "Security" section, you can set an encryption key to further protect your data. You can read more about how passwords work here. You can also increase the security of your personal information by enabling two-factor authentication.
Once you have configured the profile, click "Create Profile."

3. Templates

Templates are used to create multiple profiles with similar configurations. You can pre-set tags, proxies, extensions, icons, and choose the necessary fingerprint settings.
Go to the "Templates" section, click "Create Template," and provide a template name. You can pre-set specific parameters or leave them to be generated. In the latter case, each profile created from the template will have a random parameter value. Octo Browser will automatically ensure that these parameters do not conflict with each other.
Once you have set the desired parameters, click "Create Template."Go to the "Templates" section and activate the template you need by toggling it in the "Active" column. On the "Profiles" page, create a new profile using the "Quick Profile" — "Template" button.

4. Creating profiles in bulk and importing profiles

You can also create up to 100 profiles at once. Their data can be taken from a template, imported as cookies, set randomly, or edited manually.
Click the three dots next to the "Create Profile" button and select "Bulk Create." Specify the number of profiles you would like to create. If necessary, choose a template or upload cookie files. Click "Add profiles" and check the data. Then select "Create Profiles."

Connect proxies

Once you have created a profile, you need to connect a proxy to it. To do so, go to the Profile List and click on "Direct."
Select "Set a new proxy," enter the host, port, login, and password. If you are using a dynamic proxy, add the link for changing the IP address. To reuse this proxy later, check the "Save to the Proxy Manager" checkbox and add a name. Test the proxy by clicking the "Check Proxy" button, and select "Confirm."

Prepare profiles

To make profiles more trusted by Reddit's anti-fraud system, you will need cookies. If you are working with already prepared accounts, export the cookie files in .txt or .json format.
Next, open Octo, click on the three dots next to the desired profile and select "Import Cookies."
Import a cookie file or copy and paste its contents into the import field. Click “Confirm.”
To register a new page on Reddit, prepare the profile first. Click on the three dots next to it in the Profile List and select "Cookie Robot." Insert the links to the websites that the Robot needs to visit and click "Confirm."
When the Robot finishes visiting the specified web pages, the launch button will change from "Auto" to "Start." Click on it, go to Reddit, and log in. Repeat the same steps with other accounts.


You can manage multiple accounts on Reddit without specialized tools; however, to prevent the platform from linking them, each account must have its own IP address and digital fingerprint. The most effective way to achieve this is by using an anti-detect browser paired with a proxy server.


Can I have multiple Reddit accounts?
The platform allows you to manage multiple accounts as long as they do not violate the rules. You can even register accounts using the same email address.
How do I create multiple Reddit accounts?
You can create as many accounts on Reddit as you want without using additional services. However, to avoid mass IP address-based bans, use different login credentials as well as unique IP addresses and digital fingerprints for each account.

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