Octo Browser vs GoLogin: Comparing the Best with the Affordable

Octo Browser vs GoLogin: Comparing the Best with the Affordable
Choosing a high-quality anti-detect browser for multi-accounting can be challenging: there are many alternatives on the market, and reliable browsers can come at a price. Therefore, before purchasing a subscription, it's important to understand that the browser has everything you need for stable and secure work with multiple accounts. We compare different anti-detect multi-accounting browsers based on key features, so you can use only the best software.

In the previous article in this series, we compared Octo Browser and Dolphin{anty}. This time, we studied GoLogin to understand the main differences in features and specifics of the browsers. We hope our reviews make it easier for you to make an informed choice and stay with us.

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GoLogin Overview

GoLogin positions itself as an innovative multi-accounting browser popular in the US and Europe. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS (Intel/Apple silicon). It also offers a multitool for Android, which requires additional installation of the Orbita browser.
Note: You can only run one profile using the Android multitool.
Another advantage GoLogin claims is the cloud-based web version of the browser it offers. However, with the minimum pricing plan, you can only run one profile, and on the maximum plan, only four profiles simultaneously. Thus, this cloud architecture can hardly be considered a fully developed multi-accounting tool, but it's a convenient feature if you need to urgently launch a profile on a device without the full version of the browser installed.

When you first launch GoLogin, you need to answer a few marketing questions, such as how you found out about the browser and which services you plan to use it for. Based on your answers, several pre-configured profiles will appear, some of them already with free proxies. In GoLogin, you can buy their own proxies: mobile, residential, and datacenter.

From the Editors:

We recommend against using free proxies as they are easily recognized by websites and can put your accounts at risk of detection.
GoLogin is convenient for newcomers: you can start working right away without configuring profiles and connecting proxies. However, for professional multi-accounting, the quality of the fingerprint and the ability to configure its parameters to suit your tasks are more important, so pre-configured profiles and free proxies may be ultimately useless.

Let's compare GoLogin and Octo Browser based on their key characteristics.


The GoLogin interface is a profile list showing the profile name, status, proxy, and notes. The list can be customized by adding additional columns with the necessary profile information. The interface itself is minimalistic, with many clickable elements. There are also some less than obvious choices: for instance, one setting option appears when you hover over it, while another hides in a dropdown menu, although both show the same parameter settings.
GoLogin interface
GoLogin interface
In GoLogin, profiles are organized using workspaces, statuses, tags, and folders, while in Octo profiles are organized only with tags. However, the functionality of tags in Octo effectively replaces the need for statuses and folders. The ability to pin a tag is used instead of profile statuses, and the convenient filtering of profiles by tags can easily serve as an effective alternative to folders.
Octo Browser interface
Octo Browser interface
Two important functional differences in the Octo interface are the Profile Templates section and the Proxy Manager. In GoLogin, proxies are connected either from the profile list or in the profile settings. In Octo, proxies can also be connected this way, but for convenience, we offer a Proxy Manager, where you can add proxies individually or in bulk and easily see all available proxy information.

Octo Browser Proxy Manager
Octo Browser Proxy Manager
Templates in Octo serve as default settings; the difference is that, depending on the subscription, you can set up multiple templates in Octo to quickly create profiles with varying parameters.
Octo Browser Templates
Octo Browser Templates
Another important aspect, though not strictly related to the interface, is the ease of understanding the anti-detect browser features. Octo offers support widgets within the browser and on the website, as well as a Telegram bot. Additionally, Octo Browser offers its Knowledge Base available in English, Russian, and Portuguese, complete with video tutorials.

GoLogin's documentation is not as detailed. Its users will need to figure out the nuts and bolts and settings of the anti-detect browser on their own or refer to third-party tutorials. The support chat offers only a small FAQ section, available only in English. You can contact support through a website widget, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of GoLogin and Octo Browser interfaces.

Fingerprint Spoofing

The most critical parameter for comparing anti-detect browsers is the fingerprint quality. In Octo Browser fingerprints are generated based on real devices, and profiles work with the latest browser kernel version, significantly reducing the risk of detection and bans.
Our development team actively monitors anti-fraud system updates to constantly improve fingerprint quality, allowing our users to avoid bans on any platform.

Both Octo and GoLogin offer similar main parameters for profile settings and fingerprint spoofing, but they differ in the organization of settings and the list of parameters that can be spoofed. For example, GoLogin can emulate device fingerprints for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, whereas Octo can only emulate desktop operating systems: Windows, macOS (Intel and ARM), and Linux.

Let’s examine the main differences in fingerprint settings between the two browsers:
Generally speaking, fingerprint configuration is organized more logically across the Settings in Octo Browser, with each setting change immediately reflected in the displayed fingerprint, so that you can easily see how the websites see it.
Fingerprint Settings in GoLogin
Fingerprint Settings in GoLogin
Fingerprint Settings in Octo Browser
Fingerprint Settings in Octo Browser

Available Profile Actions and Bulk Operations

Since a profile is the main unit for working with an account, it is important for an anti-detect browser to provide a set of profile actions. Basic actions, such as exporting, importing, transferring, deleting, cloning, and editing profiles, are available in both Octo and GoLogin, but there are key differences.
Profile actions in GoLogin
Profile actions in GoLogin
In Octo Browser, you can launch profiles in bulk, assign tags, extensions, and set proxies. In GoLogin, bulk operations include all actions available for a single profile but lack some functions that Octo Browser offers that might be crucial for your work, such as setting passwords for additional profile protection or running the Cookie Robot. However, on paid subscriptions GoLogin users can launch one to four profiles in the cloud.
Profile actions in Octo Browser
Profile actions in Octo Browser


During the trial period, you can add up to 20 team members to a GoLogin account.

The master account can grant access to:
  • Selected folders;
  • The entire workspace.
Team members with access to profiles can either:
  • Only launch profiles;
  • Launch and edit profiles;
  • Have full access: launch, edit, transfer, and move profiles and folders, and invite new users.
Team access rights in GoLogin
Team access rights in GoLogin
In Octo Browser, you can add team members starting from the Team subscription. Invitations can be sent via email. In the Team Settings, you can specify which functions and tags the new team member will have access to.

A team member can get access to:
  • Profiles;
  • Proxies;
  • Templates;
  • Extensions.
Team access rights in Octo Browser
Team access rights in Octo Browser
Within each function, there are also different access levels, so we at Octo Browser recommend adding new members carefully, considering the risks associated with sharing access to sensitive information.

Tags can also be used as another access parameter. You can grant a new team member access to profiles marked with one or more tags.

Such detailed access rights allocation for different team members allows for more secure profile protection in Octo Browser.


Automation capabilities are needed for fast work in automatic mode, as well as for web scraping, farming, and other types of work with an anti-detect browser. Automation reduces the time spent working with large numbers of profiles; however, setting it up requires the ability to write the necessary scripts.

Octo Browser offers detailed automation documentation, and in some of our articles, such as the one covering working with an anti-detect browser on Twitch, we provide example code for mass profile creation using the API.

GoLogin also supports API and provides detailed documentation. This helps users understand the code for automating browser profile management. In this regard, Octo Browser and GoLogin are similar.

Kernel Update Speed

Anti-detect browsers need to promptly update their kernels so that anti-detect profiles do not stand out from the crowd of regular Chrome users. To assess the speed and regularity of GoLogin browser kernel updates, we tried to gather information from the community.

At the time of writing, the most up-to-date GoLogin kernel version was 124, even though Chromium 125 was released on May 14. Thus, we found that GoLogin clients are using an outdated kernel, which significantly stands out among the regular Chrome users and may contain critical vulnerabilities.

User Data Security

To ensure user data security, GoLogin offers two-factor authentication (2FA). You can enable 2FA in your account, which will protect it from unauthorized access or password guessing. Additionally, there is a feature that logs out all active sessions except the current one running on the device.

In Octo Browser, data is securely encrypted by default. Additionally, you can set an extra password for selected profiles. This security measure is implemented to provide extra protection for profiles from being accessed by team members who should not have access to the information stored in the password-protected profiles.


Besides the interface, functionality, and update speed, many users choose a browser based on its cost. GoLogin and Octo use different subscription models, so it's not easy to definitively say which browser is more cost-effective in terms of quality and resources it provides for the price.

GoLogin offers 4 subscription tiers: Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Custom, with a 50% discount available for purchasing a year-long subscription. The basic subscription includes 100 profiles; there is also a free subscription offering 3 profiles.
GoLogin Subscriptions
GoLogin Subscriptions
New GoLogin users are offered a 7-day trial period during which they can create up to 1000 profiles. After the trial period ends, users will have to cut their profile list down to 3 available profiles if transitioning to the free version. Loyal clients can use a referral program where they can earn 10% of each payment made by referred users.

Octo offers 5 subscription tiers: Starter, Base, Team, Advanced, and Custom. There's no trial period, so as a trial version, we recommend the most budget-friendly subscription, Starter, priced at €29. With this subscription, users can create up to 10 profiles and test their functionality. Later, users can upgrade to a more expensive subscription at any time.

Would you like to try Octo Browser for free?

Use promo code OCTOBETTER to get a 4-day Starter subscription. This offer is valid only for new users.
Octo Browser Subscriptions
Octo Browser Subscriptions
In Octo Browser, you can purchase a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months and receive a corresponding discount. Team management in Octo Browser offers more possibilities for distributing access rights, which is crucial for both managing a large number of profiles and from a security standpoint.

However, for the sake of data purity, we compared the profile prices in Octo Browser and GoLogin based on monthly subscription payments, and without applying any promotions, discounts, and spam offers from GoLogin, which regularly find their way to our team members’ personal messages on Telegram.

GoLogin is cheaper than Octo Browser when working with a small number of profiles and with the most basic subscription. However, in Octo one profile is only $0.10 more expensive with the most expensive subscription, and for just this difference in cost users get stable and regular kernel updates, top-quality fingerprint spoofing, and numerous unique features that are not available in GoLogin.

Moreover, for larger teams and multi-accounting professionals, Octo Browser partners with many proxy providers, affiliate networks, and specialized tools ready to offer special conditions and discounts to Octo Browser users.


After comparing various aspects of anti-detect browsers GoLogin and Octo, we can conclude that GoLogin is good for beginners due to its affordable cost, pre-installed free proxies, and the ability to buy proxies directly in the browser. However, Octo offers more functional features, flexible subscription conditions, and a good price for team work. The overall cost for both browsers remains in approximately the same price range. However, choosing Octo Browser means you get top-quality fingerprints, prompt and regular browser kernel updates, a Proxy Manager, profile templates, responsive customer support, and unique features that competitors lack.

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